What to look for while donating to an NGO in Mumbai for Poor

Posted by Debabrata Auro Foundation on December 5th, 2017

The act of giving is not just about making donations. It is about believing in something and possessing a sense of belongingness to the cause. Our so called conservative Indian society has become liberal in the past few decades in donating to the neediest. On the sense of giving culture, the growth in number of NGOs in the past few decades has risen commendably. These NGOs are on a mission to serve the underprivileged by the funds that are donated to the organization. If an individual considers donating to an NGO in Mumbai for poor, following are some things that need to be known.

Do your research

Donating the hard earned money for a noble cause takes a big heart. That kind of act should not end up in the wrong places. It is very important to donate that hard earned money in the right place for the right purpose. People willing to donate can identify the right place by researching online to find potential organisations or can enquire family members, friends, and colleagues for any information on the NGO’s. Donors can collect a list of potentials and narrow the list down by considering the below given points.

Know the organisation

One can find numerous charitable organisations in Mumbai. Intentions of some organisations are questionable as they commit fraud in the name of charity. So while looking to donate to an organisation, people can research or enquire about the organisation. The registration of the organisation by the Commissioner of Income Tax can be verified. Also it can be checked whether their financials are being audited to authenticate its reliability.

Vision, mission statement, and adherence

Individuals donating to the organisation must visit its website and look how the organisation is projecting themselves to the public. Do they have a mission and vision statement to their beliefs? Are they following their vision? Are they able to communicate clearly about their mission, vision and beliefs?

On reviewing all this information, individuals can decide if the organisation’s vision, mission and operation are in line with the individual’s donating preferences and consider that particular organisation for donation.

Eventual plan of the organisation

Organisations with an execution plan that work towards a specific goal is considered worthy to donate. Such organisations have short term and long term goals working towards a purpose thereby measuring their success. Individuals need to check if the organisation’s website mentions about their plan. Or one can even request the organisation to share such details.

Keeping promises

The quest for finding the right organisation doesn’t end with enquiring about the above mentioned details. It ensues knowing if the organisation is following the vision and mission statement that they are entitled to. Individuals must also take a step further to see if the organisation has achieved the goals that they explain about.

Spending ratio

The ratio of spending vs. the money acquired is an important deciding factor in this quest. Sometimes these NGOs spend a large sum of funds only on operating expenses rather than the actual cause itself. The individual can reserve their decision based on analysing if the spending ratio is higher for acceptable reasons.

Tax benefits and payment methods

Not all the donations come with tax benefits. Hence it is important to know if the donation that the individual makes or the organisation taking the donation is tax benefit friendly. Also it is advisable for the individuals not to make any donations using hard cash. Other methods like cross cheque (account deposit), DD or online payment methods are agreeable methods of making donations. Individuals should get a signed receipt from the organisation which can be used for claiming tax benefits.

Debabrata – Auro foundation is a highly reputed NGO in Mumbai that strives for the wellness of the poor. It was founded in 2016 by two eminent personalities Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker who are both fuelled by a common mission of establishing equality within the society and empower the deprived sections. The foundation has earned a good reputation and consists of highly service minded Board of Advisors sharing the cause. Debabrata – Auro foundation scores high based on the evaluation made with the above mentioned points and hence it is safe to say that it is a noteworthy organisation for donation.

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Debabrat Auro Foundation is one of the best NGO in India, from last few years they are the most trusted charitable trust situated in Mumbai. For more details about the foundation or donation process visit - http://daf.foundation/ or call +91 9930922314

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