The first learning centre for the child is a pre-school

Posted by john roone on December 5th, 2017

The different stage of growth in a human being has its own features and priorities. As babies have to maintain a schedule of sleeping, eating and playing. Then begins their early education which is going to the pre-school. Parents are wary of the fact that which pre-school would be the best for their little angels. The Montessori schools offer a holistic approach and thus lay emphasise of the all round development of the kids. The school is located in New York and is very popular among the parents of the toddlers. They like to interact with the parents having kids of the same age group and discuss the expectations which they had from the school. The school has been able to provide them with all the facilities and above all is helping the child to develop a strong base for themselves. The schools are in Manhattan and Brooklyn which are easily accessible areas and very popular too in NYC. They follow the Montessori Method of teaching and thus allow the child to be very expressive about their feelings. This develops the confidence level of the children and they are able to deal with their shyness. The faculty members are highly trained teaches with experience in the relevant field.

The teachers try to focus on the concentration of the children and have been successful in crafting positive skills among the kids. The kids who have already passed out of the Montessori have found a good place in the formal schools and are following the education system which is set for all. The pre-schoolers are in the age group of 2-5 years and the Kindergarten takes the kids up to Grade 3. They do not categorise all the children under one head. They know that every individual is different and kids require individual attention which they are provided in the school. The teachers are very good and loving towards the children which are a soothing factor for the parents.

The Montessoriday care of the school is very promising as they offer complete safety and care for the kids. As both the parents are working, the day care seems to be the best option to them.

The Montessori Afterschool is highly appreciated by the parents s the kids are taken care of completely. They even get refreshments and napping time.

The Preschool Centre has emerged successfully over the years and the parents are very happy to see a smile on the faces of their wards when they reach home after the school.

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