The Best Tips for Players in Path of Exile

Posted by james bonds on December 5th, 2017

Path of Exile is a free-to-play online action role-playing video game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. The economy in Path of Exile is different from other MMORPGs. You do not need gold to buy things, but you can exchange the items in Path of Exile Currency. Path of Exile is a popular game which attracts lots of people to play. Now I want to share some tips for playing this game with all POE players.

Which Class is suitable for us?
Honest to say, based on the way of game works, any class is fine. There are six classes divided between the game's three stats of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Three of the classes are pure, and the other three are hybrid.

Don’t worry if you’re using the best or most optimal builds! The game is designed for you to create multiple characters and explore different items and skill combinations. Your first character is almost guaranteed to suck. So go with it and just enjoy the ride.

Active Skills
There are three colors in Skill Gems for each stat, Strength is Red, Dexterity is Green and Intelligence is Blue. Likewise Sockets are also the same three colors. So, you can imagine that you must place gems in sockets.

You can use special support gems to increase the effects of your skills. However, you need to have a skill gem in a socket that can be linked with another socket. Then, you put the support gem in the other socket, and voila.

Tricks for Playing Path of Exile
In PoE, you have flasks that are filled with health or mana liquid when you kill monsters or return to town. Thus, it is important to watch your flask levels carefully when you're in a heated fight, in case you run out of ways to heal yourself.

Control + click an instance allows you to reset that instance. You can use it for farming. Empty instances are reset after 15 minutes. If you die in hardcore, your character will be moved to the regular (softcore) league and you can continue playing them there.

Items can be traded to shopkeepers in exchange for items that serve as currency (in other words, this is a barter system). Pieces of Scrolls of Wisdom are the lowest forms of currencies (for Diablo 2 veterans, these are PoE equivalent of Identify Scrolls). Naturally, the more valuable items you have, the rarer items you get in return.

Make sure to fight enemies in chokepoints. This play looks like older ARPG entries where you are not godly and actually you have to fight a few enemies at a time. Playing this like your modern ARPG which will make you kill in a hurry.

Valuable orbs and items
Exalted Orbs, Divine Orbs, Gem Cutters Prisms, and Chaos Orbs are the most valuable currencies. Best bet is to hoard everything until you get a well understanding of values in this game. White items can be valued insanely. This is because some of the best items can be crafted from a white item using currency in the game. For Example: Find a high base quality white weapon. Increase its quality by +20% using Blacksmith’s Whetstones (a currency item), then use an Orb of Alchemy on the item to make it rare.

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