Why should we switch to Office 365 solutions for Business in Rutherford, New Yor

Posted by articlelink01 on December 5th, 2017

Many clients face a shroud of doubt in their minds considering hosted IT support in NJ. They ponder if they should be using Office 365 solutions for Business in Rutherford, New York or not. The question they should be concerned about is why should they use it? Why should they even consider Microsoft’s hosted email solutions over the other hosted solutions available out there? Making an informed decision is much more preferable than going by other’s advice. That is why one must inform oneself about the benefits that Office 365 solutions has to offer for business purposes.

The benefits that you should be concerned with

The following are few major benefits that might concern your business and convince you to switch to Office 365 solutions for Business in Rutherford, New York.

1.       Flexibility: Switching to Office 365 solutions allows you to obtain pay-as-you-go pricing which provides a certain level of predictability and a lot of flexible options. You as the business owner has the option of buying as many licenses as they want. They have options of scaling up and scaling down whenever they wish to or have the necessity to. An on-premise server will require a lot more complexity solving than a hosted solution like Office 365 solutions for Business in Rutherford, New York. This incurs a lot of savings on up-front cost.

2.       The name Microsoft: The financial backing of Microsoft is a huge thing if you think of the consequences. The trusted name of Microsoft provides sufficient geo-redundancy, increased uptime, a more powerful security and a reliable disaster recovery. It is always recommended to invoke a robust, a best-of-breed and more mature solutions instead of cheap and fly-by-night hosting plans. The name Microsoft is itself a trusted name and the fact that their financial investment into the infrastructure of the enterprise which is running Office 365 is a lot in terms of dollars is something that must be taken into account.

3.       Automatic upgrades: With Office 365 solutions you have the privilege of automatic upgrades which saves you a lot of management costs for IT support in NJ. The Exchange must be regularly patched as well as updated so that it stays reliable and secure. On-premise servers bring along a problem of upgrading each service packs which causes the servers to go offline for hours on end. And in case the upgrades and patches go wrong then an altogether new problem initiates. Microsoft efficiently handles every update with Office 365 so that availability isn’t affected. Simply speaking your email doesn’t falter even when an update is ongoing.

4.       Standardized tools: With Microsoft Office 365 solutions you get the benefit of standardized tools which relieves you of remembering multiple logins as well as the agony of learning newer applications in case of each new device. Office 365 provides a Single Sign In service (SSO) which allows the same pair of username and password for all email access, OneDrive, SharePoint and other apps on Office.

5.       Business scalability: Scaling up your business has never been easier. All you have to do is make a simple phone call and your business starts growing. In case you start hiring more staff and you require more licenses a simple phone call will suffice and a user will be added on the go.

Every business organization requiring IT support in NJ must have a look at the benefits offered by Office 365 Solution for Business in Rutherford, New York . It might make them want to associate their own business with it.

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