Essential Elements of a Good School

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While we in India often lay a lot of emphasis upon higher education, the fundamental importance of good schooling in Nnagpur is sometimes lost on us. School, however, is the foundation stone upon which an individual’s future is built. School not only hones our academic and intellectual faculties, but also helps build our personality and nurture our passions. We spend a majority of our formative years in school, so of all the institutions that we will eventually be a part of, school is the one that has the most profound impact on our development and growth.

Important Elements of a Good School

Now that we understand the importance of schooling in the life of a child, it becomes necessary to look into some of the things that differentiate the best schools from the average ones.

  • Emphasis on Co-curricular Activities – All schools emphasize on academics. They are after all, academic institutions in essence. But, a good school is one that focuses on the all-round development of a child, which requires encouraging their passions and nurturing their hobbies, instead of simply asking them to study.
  • Development of a Social Conscience – The aim of education is not to produce worker bees; it is to produce compassionate, intelligent, socially conscious citizens who will help make the world a better place. Best School in Nagpur is one that prioritizes the development of a child’s moral and ethical character over everything else. Good schools help students become socially and environmentally conscious global citizens.
  • Involvement of Students – Many schools in India promote rote learning. They give students texts to memorize and then expect them to regurgitate it word by word on the day of the exam. A good school, however, does not just teach its students, but involves them in the learning process. It trains them to think for themselves and act independently, which are the qualities that would really help them succeed in the outside world.

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About DPS Nagpur

DPS Lava, Nagpur City, provides its students with all these facilities and more. Established recently, it commenced classes from the month of June 2017. Delhi Public School, Nagpur is affiliated with the CBSE board, New Delhi, and will in time offer classes from Nursery up to Class XII. The institution, which aims to provide a holistic, stress-free learning experience for students, is a collaborative effort with one of the largest and most famous chains of CBSE schools in India, the Delhi Public School Society.

DPS Nagpur is different from other schools because it offers a stress-free environment for holistic development, extensive co-curricular opportunities, complemented by requisite outdoor facilities and regular, comprehensive academic assessment, in tune with international standards of learning.  During these assessments, stress is laid upon the student’s ability to apply acquired knowledge in real-life situations. Periodic tests are conducted every semester to measure the improvement of students, while also identifying their areas of struggle.

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For these reasons and many others, DPS Lava, Nagpur City is the best place for your children to be, if you want them to enjoy the advantages of the best of modern educational innovation in order to reach their highest potential.

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