What to expect when starting secondary school

Posted by Cynthia Madison on December 5th, 2017

However, it seems that more and more parents choose to send their offspring to private schools. Why? The explanation is simple: they want their kids to receive the best possible education and have a great start in life. Select educational institutions are run in West London, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most parents are looking for a West London secondary school. Making the transition from primary school to secondary school is a difficult process, for the child and for the parent alike. Those who are in need of advice should carefully read this article.

The parent/teacher/school relationship will change

Obviously, secondary school is nothing like primary school. The main difference lies in the age of the students and the course content. Equally important is to mention the parent/teacher/school relationship. This kind of connection suffers serious modifications, in the sense that it’ll not be the same thing. As a rule, kids have 10 different professors. Parents who wish to interact and communicate with the teachers will have their job cut out for them. But what about the parent/school relationship? When it comes to educational institutions like Park Academy West London, there’s nothing to worry about because they form effective partnerships. The fact is that even though there will be changes in the aforementioned relationships, they aren’t negative ones.

Secondary school is competitive

Getting into a good private secondary school is hard. The reason for this is that educational institutions do not accept just about anyone. Unlike government schools, private ones can afford to be choosy and they generally are. Candidates need to be suitable for the demands of the course, otherwise they can’t get into the school. It’s only normal to wonder what happens after a toddler is recruited. Well, the child will discover that the environment is very competitive. This shouldn’t be understood as something bad. Far from that. A competitive educational institution only benefits pupils. They strive to do better and they become the best persons that they can be.

Technology in the classroom

Regardless of the secondary school of choice, technology is to be expected in the classroom. Non-government educational institutions focus their attention on modern teaching methods and, therefore, incorporate technology in the teaching process. Most secondary schools require that the homework is done electronically. This way, they manage to capture the attention of the students and, at the same time, achieve educational effectiveness. Other examples include the use of mobile applications. What it’s important to understand is that educational institutions have embraced technology and it is present in the classroom.  While parents might be afraid of this change, kids certainly aren’t. They are used to software and applications. 

To conclude, secondary school is all about changes. It’s expected that in about a year, both parents and children get accustomed to the changes. The transition to secondary school isn’t easy, but neither is it painful. This is indeed good news.

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