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Posted by Joanne kennedy on December 6th, 2017

It is safe to say that you resemble a great many people who have never known about the term Naturopath. May people are unaware that naturopaths exist, and that they offer safe and effective natural treatments for many health problems.  

Naturopaths in Australia can train for up to 4 years to get a Bachelor degree in Naturopathy.   They study mainstream medicine including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology, along side evidenced based natural medicine subjects including dietary planning, nutrition, and herbal medicine.   

During a consultation, a Naturopath spends a lot of time becoming acquainted with all areas of the patients wellbeing, including current health status and health history, family history, environmental exposures, dietary intake, sleep patterns, stress, and exercise.   A naturopath understands and treats the body as a whole. With this in mind, they may also ask questions about your emotional wellbeing, relationships, mediation and mindfulness practices.  A naturopath understands there is an important mind-body association and aims to blend therapeutic treatment to address both the mind and the body.  

Naturopaths use a range of different testing methods, including traditional medical blood tests, and functional medicine tests which include comprehensive digestive stool analysis, hormone metabolites testing, organic acids testing, liver function tests, neurotransmitter tests, and methylation panels.   

A Naturopath understand that if the body is given the right nourishment and natural treatments, then the body has the power to heal itself.  Natural treatments include nutritional and diet therapy, flower essences, herbal medicine, homeopathy, mind-body therapy and detoxification.   

The best Naturopaths also invest a lot of their time and energy into educating their patients about their body and health issues, which allows the individual to take control of their health and heal naturally.  

For treatment of female hormone health Sydney it is very beneficial to see a Naturopath. Many women who see a Naturopath find it a very restorative form of treatment.  This is due to the fact that they feel listened to, and that every part of their health in both mind and body is being taken into account to develop an individualized treatment.  Many women find that the individual treatments are more favorable than generic prescriptions.  

If you have health concerns that have not been dealt with it is suggested that you go see a Naturopath Sydney CBD now. Try not to postpone it until the health issue gets worse.   That has been a great many people's greatest lament with regards to Naturopathic medicine, that they have not sort out treatment sooner.  

The quote "Let nourishment be thy medicine and medicine be thy sustenance." from Hippocrates truly addresses what Naturopathic Medicine is about. Individuals can heal themselves by changing their diet and embracing a healthy way of life. The body definitely knows how to mend itself.

Sydney Naturopath is here to eliminate the hindrances that are preventing the body from mending, and to assist the body come back to full health.  When this happens, the individual will enjoy vitality of both mind and body.  

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