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Posted by adairsawyer on October 28th, 2011

Canna Nutrients is the worldwide leader when it comes to fertilizer products as well as growing mediums if you are looking for speedy growth in your plants. The ready-to-use Canna Nutrients is not only easy to use but also environmentally friendly. Even the growers who are less experienced can attain outstanding results. Each Canna product has been developed with the utmost care for use on a particular growing medium or procedure. They make exclusive nutrients for hydroponics as well as growing media and soil that are coco based. Cannazym is among their most popular products.

Cannazym comes in .25 Liter, 1 Liter, 5 Liter and 10 Liter gallons. It includes an integrated mix of over fifteen various high quality enzymes besides special vitamins. Making use of these Canna Nutrients to speed up the process of breaking down the dead root material and activating micro-organisms, Cannazym enhances the absorption of nutrients and also strengthens resistance against pathogenic organisms.

In a root system that works well, the old roots die and new ones are formed. The remnants of the roots that have died result in a perfect growing substrate for the pathogenic organisms. After the pathogenic moulds have reproduced in the material of the dead roots, they are a danger to the healthy roots. These get affected with ease and will lose a significant portion of their working. This results in stress to the whole plant and hampers any new growth. Enzymes are basically substances that quicken the reactions in living things. The enzymes in the Canna Nutrients like Cannazym quickly convert dead roots into sugars and minerals. This is extremely important as they form a precious source of nutrients for not only the plants but for the soil environment as well.

A quick breakdown of root leftovers creates a balanced soil and air hydrology in the root surroundings. Besides, decay and therefore the formation of toxic matter are avoided and the danger of a disease by pathogenic moulds is significantly reduced. This is perfect for your plant. The soil surroundings is enhanced like the sugars and minerals that are formed as a consequence of making use of Cannazym which is important for the microorganisms found close to the roots. These microorganisms in the Canna Nutrients give the plant added protection against diseases that are brought about by moulds and make possible the exchange of vitamins and nutrients with the roots. The outcome of this is an enhanced balance and an even greater assimilation ability.

Cannazym includes many easy-to-assimilate vitamins that encourage the plant to grow new roots. A well-developed root system utilizes plenty of young growing-points. Elements like magnesium, iron and calcium are absorbed precisely by these growing-points. Besides, a matter that has been segregated from desert plants has been included in the Canna Nutrients, which has resulted in the plant having a better natural defense system. Initiation of the plant’s defense system boosts the protection against pathogenic organisms. A defense system that works optimally lets the plant react fast against an attack that is about to take place; ultimate damage will be restricted if not prevented.

So if you are looking for Cannazym or any other Canna Nutrients visit us now!

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