Increasing Popularity of Live Streaming For Places of Worship

Posted by HelenaNelson on December 6th, 2017

With the Christmas Season arriving, Church groups are preparing themselves for events like Christmas Pageants, Musical Concerts, Candlelight Services, New Years’ Baptisms and more. Most congregations around the world feel that these days are also the busiest days for the folks personally. Many people take time from their busy schedule and attend morning-prayer sessions, church Bible studies, meetings, Masses, etc.

If the climate is not favorable, (snow, wind, rain, etc.) then some of them have to miss their meetings. Church congregations always want to ensure that their members & new visitors stay connected to them, even during bad weather conditions. This is why churches provide live webcasting of all events at the church.

Online live video can ensure that even if you missed attending the meeting in person, still you can be a part of it from your home’s internet connection or mobile device. Past research has also revealed that more and more people on a daily basis are using the internet to get connected to the church services.

Many people also prefer sharing spiritual videos amongst their communities and friends (think Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Benefits of Live streaming for church groups

There are a number of religious organizations around the world, who are making use of this changing trend of sharing religious activities. Experiencing a live worshipcast offers churches with numerous benefits.

  • As compared to traditional television broadcasting methods, online video streaming offers affordability. It is a cheaper option and more accessible that cable TV or public access radio.
  • Not many churches are able to invest money in hiring the services of television broadcasting companies.
  • With internet availability, churches can easily upload the video on their website for their visitors.
  • Church can upload the live streaming video instantly the moment they shoot one.  A local (wired, not wireless) high-speed internet connection of at least 5 MPS (megabits per second) of upload capacity is recommended. 
  • People who are not able to attend the church meeting can also view the video at their convenient time later on.
  • The videos can be watched from the comfort zone of their home at their convenience. Or on the road, hotel, airport, office or college dorm room.
  • Churches don’t have to worry about advertising their DVD or video to the community. People can browse the website and select any video they wish to watch.
  • You can also ensure that your video can be watched by a global audience at any time. It offers your ministry global exposure.
  • New members can regularly get connected to your services after watching your videos online.

Better performance videos

Live webcasting makes use of more reliable technology. As a number of people are having access to high speed internet, they can easily enjoy watching quality video. To offer them quality videos you may have to look into a number of factors. You have to consider using quality equipment and partnering with a reliable global content delivery network provider.

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