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Posted by juliabennet on October 28th, 2011

This little website brings you Jewellery online. Jewellery! It is the love of many women. It does not matter if it is costume jewellery or not women of all ages seem to love it. A couple of Irish ladies have come together to collect many different types of jewellery to present in a website for you to peruse and wonder at for many an hour.

These ladies of have recently taken a bold step and attended the Womens World 2011. As this is a very big show in Dublin, Ireland and attracted more than 40000 visitors.  It would be an extremely good showcase for costume jewellery and also to advertise the Jewellery online presence. The John Rocha range of necklaces has an incredible variety which is made of gold and silver and sometimes both. This is far from costume jewellery unless you call it that because of the fact of the designs being used. The jewellery online gallery goes through all the stages and you can sort through by kind of jewellery you are looking for like rings, bracelets etc or you can go by each designer independently.

The way the jewellery online gallery has been presented makes it extremely useable and easy to see which ever kind of costume jewellery you want to view. There is a distinct Celtic feel to some of the costume jewellery available at the jewellery online on this website. In particular I am referring to both the Celtic designs as well as the Children of Lir.  The Juvi designs are more semi-precious and crystals mainly in the form of necklaces but there are also a collection of drop earrings as well. For anyone looking for a particular stone in a wearable setting you will probably find it in this Jewellery online collection. Just cavalla is a collection of analogue watches some of which I would class as costume jewellery.  The gold is gold plate and the rest appear to be made of stainless steel rather than silver.

There are a collection of 28 designers on this website which covers the entire range of jewellery excluding tiaras. Some of the designs are rather gimmicky but they will have appeal to the younger folk I am sure. I am referring to the ranges like sphere of Love and Sphere of life cute. These tend to have an appeal to a different audience to the rest of the website.

Items like the Converse Watches are definitely costume jewellery as they come in funky colours like orange and lime green and purple. The watches come in a range of different styles both analogue and digital. They appear to be gauged towards men rather than woman although I am sure they will appeal to both sexes among the young people of today.

The Columbia collection is a collection of watches mainly for men although I am sure there are people that will buy them for both sexes. These are again more inclined towards costume jewellery with blinding neon colours and every gimmicky and knob on the watches. The appeal here would be to the younger generation.

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