A legitimate and Valid way to access Public service is Notary Public Services

Posted by Noatry public on December 7th, 2017

Notary Public plays a very crucial role in the legal system of every country. Here, most of the court documents are notarized. Notary Public is someone who is approved by the state secretary or Attorney General so that he or she can serve the general public. They also have the statutory capability to administer the oath, witness documents and administer other executive functions.

There are a number of documents which can be made legal and valid through notary services.

  • Affidavit and Statutory declarations- An affidavit is a legal document which has its own importance. There are different types of affidavits based on application and purposes. This should always be prepared by an authorized notary public.  It is a form of evidence which may be used in the proceedings of the court. It sets out the facts as you remember them. Whereas the declaration is a statement of fact which is made by the declarant and is believed to be true. It is affirmed by the declarant.
  • Commissioner of oaths- He is a person who is authorized to verify affidavits, oath and other legal documents. Commissioner of oaths is appointed by the Attorney General for a specified number of years, usually three years. The two categories of Commissioner of the oath is as follows:
  • Solicitor- They cannot use their power in any of the proceedings in which they have any interests or acting for any of the parties.
  • Non- Solicitor-They are not supposed to practice outside the area for which they are appointed.

The services of Commissioners of Oaths are as follows:

 To witness and sign declaration, affirmation, acknowledgment or attestation of documents for the purpose of registration.

To witness and sign declaration, affirmation, acknowledgment or attestation of documents for the purpose of court proceedings.

  • Power of Attorney – it is a legal document which gives the agent or attorney in fact the power to act as the principal. The attorney can have a wide or limited legal authority to make legal decisions about principal’s wealth, finance and property. It is used when the principal is ill or not stable physically or hot not currently available. The different types of power of attorney are as follows:
  • General Power of Attorney - It gives broad power to a person or an organization (agent) to act on behalf of the principal. This includes handling financial and business transactions, operating business interests, setting claims etc. It is an effective tool when you are out of the country or when you are mentally or physically incapable of managing your affairs.
  • Special Power of Attorney- You can exactly exercise those powers which are specified to you. It is often used when one cannot handle a particular affair due to some reasons.
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney, also called Power of Attorney for Health or Living Will- It grants your agent to make medical decisions for you if you are unconscious or not well due to medical reasons.
  • Durable Power of Attorney- It allows your trusted relative to appoint an agent to handle specific health, legal or financial responsibility.

Thus, these notary public services are necessary and make documents authentic to be considered in the legal system. These make the documents not only valid but also act as evidence in the proceedings of court.

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