Understanding of Chargeback Reason -Non-Receipt of Goods or Services

Posted by chargebackprevention in Business on December 7th, 2017

Overview: The Cardholder or authorized person did not receive the merchandise or services at the location agreed with the merchant by the agreed date
Chargeback of this Reason occurs (Non-Receipt of Goods or Services) when a customer claims they have paid for items that were to be delivered from your establishment but have not yet been received or that the order was cancelled by the cardholder in result of not receiving the goods or services by the expected delivery date (or the former were unavailable for pick-up).

The most common issues for this type of chargebacks occur:

  • Services not provided to the Customer.
  • Merchandise/Goods are not sent to the Customer.
  • Billed for the Transaction before delivery.
  • Merchandise/Goods not delivered to the Customer by the agreed-upon delivery date.

Guideline to prevent or respond to Reason-Non-Receipt of Goods or Services:

  • Always provide Proof of Delivery of particular Merchandise/Goods.
  • Always provide ship date and delivery date with Shipping Address.
  • If Merchandise/Goods is going to be late, send a notification to Customer and verify that customer agrees with a new delivery date or not.
  • If Chargeback was processed less than 15 days from the transaction date and meanwhile POD is In-transit then provides Transaction Receipt as a Proof.

Chargeback Expertz can help you to prevent chargeback of Reason- Non-Receipt of Goods or Services.

Author Section:

This article is written by Chargeback Expertz, provide knowledge for chargebacks and how to fight or reduce chargebacks. Chargeback Expertz is a Detailed Risk Management Company helping Retail and Online Merchants. Chargeback Expertz’s system is designed to defend the eCommerce Business against all types of Fraud and Threats.

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