4 Types Of Leather Belts Online You Should Be Aware Of!

Posted by Black Hills Leather on December 7th, 2017

Quality is one of the major criteria behind variation in the prices of leather belts online. The quality of the leather belts varies due to the manufacturing process of the leather which is been used in these belts making. Belts enhance overall personality and leather belts seem to enjoy prestigious reputation since the dawn of the civilization.

Top-grain or Genuine leather belt:-Buying leather belts online which are labeled as ‘top-grain’ or ‘Genuine’ can sometimes confuse buyers. Such belts are manufactured in various layers of leather in which exteriors of the belt or layer facing out is made up of a genuine piece of the layer. To make a belt look thicker, there can be filler (such as cotton fabric) behind the exterior layer and the last layer can be a genuine or synthetic piece of leather which is stitched back to the belt. The most common example of such category belts can be golf and dress belts.

Anyhow you can purchase such belt online if the seller is not trying to impress you with overstatements and inferior leather within won’t harm you in any manner, It’s just the belt might not last as long as a full-grain leather belt.

Full-grain leather belts:- Your fascination to own top-quality Italian leather belt can be fulfilled by the online shops which are selling and promoting leather belts titled as ‘Full-grain’. Most of the times such type of leather belts is manufactured from one solid piece of leather which is a top-notch quality of an animal skin and does not require any fillers to give a thick feel or any sturdy look to the belt.

Such belts are usually on a high-end side and are hard to find. There are very few companies which are involved in manufacturing and selling of full-grain leather belts.

Bonded or 100% genuine leather belts:-These are 100% pure leather belt, which can be purchased by closing eyes. Such type of belts are manufactured from the waste scraps of unused leather that has been left over while creation of other leather products. As the name says, Bonded leather belts are manufactured by gluing together tiny/small fibers and covering the whole product in such a way that end-result or final output appears like an actual leather belt.

Bought Bonded leather belts online do not turn out to be very expensive and these belts can sustain wear and tear for a longer period of time.

Synthetic/Faux leather belts:- These type of leather belts are manufactured from polymers or fibers which give you the exact feel of the leather but actually, they are not. While buying them, you can even notice the terms like faux or PU on some of the synthetic belts. These belts do serve your fashion purpose but are not durable or long-lasting.

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