Can we have multiple backlinks from same IP domains

Posted by asadrehman2206 on December 7th, 2017

Yes, we can get multiple backlinks from same IP domains. It is actually, fully okay to take multiple ones but not really unlimited so you have to hold your hand sometimes. Taking too many backlinks can cause an issue of spamming that can take your site down for good. So keep a ratio of 5 to 10 while sharing backlinks on the same IP. Google minds it though but also, considers it a normal thing if you are doing it. But too much of everything is bad.

Effect On SEO !

If you are taking backlinks from the same server, then there is a huge chance that you might be getting the same IP for every backlink. This is not good for your website ranking and it will definitely affect it negatively.

Does there any super tool to detects IP’s?

But, don’t worry, we have a tool that can help you in this matter. It’s called Class C IP checker. This tool is basically used when you want to host multiple websites and their backlinks. Also, this tool will help you find duplicate IP addresses and if there is any domain IP blocks.

Well, there is one thing as I said before is hosting from same IP address will only harm you and can even bring the site to the penalizing stage. It will help you detect if your backlinks are coming from the same class c blocks which will end up ranking your site low. Hosting multiple websites can also bring up a chance that you are running everything on the same IP.

How To Use This Tool !

Use of this tool is very simple. You can simply paste all the main URLs to this tool and click to see the basic class blocks where your backlinks or websites are being hosted. If the ratio is too high, then you might have to take precautions and make a suitable environment for the backlinks to take out the risk of spamming. Keep this tool next to you every time you need to track back your backlinks. This will surely help you a lot in tracing the source of backlinks.

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