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Posted by adairsawyer on October 28th, 2011

The newly introduced Trimpro Rotor has been made as per the request of users who are on the lookout for still one more mild but at the same time efficient product of Trimpro quality. Making use of leather fingers to move your flowers over the powder coated grill, the foliage is trimmed by the razor sharp tempered blades made from steel. Constructed at an angle, clearing out the Trimpro Rotor is as straightforward as opening the latch to unlock your door and your flawlessly trimmed flowers gently leave the top cylinder; all this happens while the machine is continuously running hence production happens non-stop. Like all the equipment from Trimpro, the height of the blade can be adjusted as per each individual’s preference.

For trimming, segregate the fresh flowers and the branches and place them in the top pot of the trimmer and go as per the instructions included with the Trimpro Rotor. It is 16” in diameter and 21” in height and weighs 30 pounds. The frame of this Trimpro tool is made from aluminum and the grate which is made from steel has ¼” slots.

The Trimpro is a very successful and extremely silent leaf trimmer. It is utilized to take away surplus foliage and to chop twigs from various kinds of plants as well as flowers. Besides, the Trimpro Rotor is utilized to cut bushes and plants like oregano, rosemary, basil, lavender, mint, coriander and parsley and to get ready the necessary oils and assorted flowers for potpourri.

The blade of the Trimpro Rotor is made of tempered steel and makes possible a clean cut without doing any damage to the plant. The Trimpro is outfitted with a system of leaf recovery and is effortless to carry from one place to another as it can be easily dismounted.

After several hundreds of years, it is both fascinating and in a way even pleasing to know that we are still making use of the same essential tools to bring life and loveliness to our gardens like people all over the world have been doing all through the past. There is no doubt that technologies such as the manufacture of sturdier and lighter materials, electric and gas motors, and precision manufacturing methods have enhanced the very old tools which were made of timber, flint and rock, but the essential designs and the methods by which we utilize our garden and lawn tools have not changed a lot at all. The Trimpro Rotor basically uses the old methods but with the latest technologies and there are plenty of choices available from Trimpro today.

In the more recent years, there have been a couple of fields of study which have exploded all over the world that seem to have had an optimistic influence on how we can enhance the timeless fundamentals of the functions and forms of trimmer tools like the Trimpro Rotor and other Trimpro garden tools. They are the result of studying the environment and ergonomics.

So if you are looking for the Trimpro Rotor visit us to see a wide variety of Trimpro garden tools available right here!

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