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Posted by adairsawyer on October 28th, 2011

Avid Miticide is the best insecticide available for leaf miners and mites and has expanded its labeling to cover the suppression of even whiteflies and aphids. As the most widely utilized miticide available for ornamental plants, growers carry on depending on Avid for unmatched protection against leaf miners and mites. Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide gives exceptional control of a range of mite pests on ornamental plants in shade-houses, greenhouses, fields, nurseries, interiorscapes as well as landscapes. Floramite is effectual on a range of mites and every life stage of the Tetranychid spider mites. It results in fast knockdown via contact activity and extended residual control of over 28 days. Floramite is easy on mites that are predacious as well as insects that are beneficial, making it perfect for utilization in IPM as well as resistance management programs.

Avid Miticide is not phytotoxic at the suggested dose rate on almost every variety tested and has not resulted in discoloration in spite of applying it directly on open flowers. The benefits of using Floramite is that you get over 28 days of control, it comes at a low price and quickly knocks down a wide range of mites which include Citrus Red, Bamboo Spider, Clover, Lewis, European Red, Pacific, Red, Southern, Spruce Spider, Two Spotted and Strawberry.

Avid Miticide does not leave behind any noticeable residue, yet gives a reservoir of long lasting activity inside the leaf. Floramite SC which is a member of the Carbazates class of chemistry has an exclusive mode of action. Floramite SC is a quickly acting, wide spectrum miticide. It is successful on a wide variety of mites.

With its repute for excellent control, Avid Miticide is also the miticide of choice for landscape as well as nursery experts. Its mode of action and exceptional chemistry make it the perfect product for alternation in resistance management programs. The proportion of Avid Miticide is 4 oz. for 100 gallons of water for spider mites while it is 8 oz. for 100 gallons of water for leaf sheet miners. It may be combined with some other pesticides to have more control. The proportion of Floramite on the other hand is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon for each gallon of spray since it is used like a foliar spray. This may be used every three to four weeks.

We love all our plants and flowers and especially our roses, but unluckily there are mites and insects all round the year that like them a lot just like we do. There are quite a few extremely frequent annoying insects which have a propensity to eat our roses. If we are able to obtain a grip on them early enough, we can eliminate them before they consume our roses. Spider mites are inclined to break out when the climate gets extremely dry and hot during the summer months and on plants which are dusty. They can spread from one plant to another pretty fast hence it is vital that you treat them immediately. You can manage spider mites with summer oil or insecticidal soap targeting mostly the lower part of the foliage. A major hosing down of the plants every day will assist in keeping the increase of spider mites down. If they get fully unmanageable, you might have to utilize miticide like Avid Miticide. You also have Floramite which gets rid of quite a few pesky mites.

 So if you are looking for Avid Miticide or perhaps Floramite to keep those pesky bugs and spiders out of your garden, visit us now!

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