How to Increase the Uptake of Rhizotonic Foliar Spray

Posted by adairsawyer on October 28th, 2011

Making use of Rhizotonic foliar spray to boost the number of advanced nutrients that your plants get is a great, verified way to enjoy healthier plants. Still at the same time, several hydroponic gardeners have almost certainly heard of examples where someone utilized a foliar spray yet experienced extremely small benefit. Most of these situations are not the responsibility of the ingredients in the foliar spray itself, but quite how they are applied. If you do not cautiously think of all features of a good application of the foliar fertilizer, you almost certainly will not enjoy as big a return on your investment like you were hoping. Luckily, cautious application does not have to engage plenty of effort or time. Through a small number of little tweaks, you can make the most of your Rhizotonic spray feeding with no trouble.

The Rhizotonic spray has to be applied in a fine mist. An ordinary spray bottle can work fine, presuming that it can deliver the fluid in an extremely fine mist. If it can merely deliver the fluid in a straight stream, more liquid will just run off, and less will be assimilated by the plants. Try out and test out spray bottles that you already have with you and see if they deliver water in the way that is required. If they are unable to do so, you would almost certainly take benefit from a fast drive down to a gardening supply or hydroponics store in your local neighborhood to choose a more appropriate bottle for your Rhizotonic foliar spray.

When using the Rhizotonic foliar spray the trick is to cover the leaves completely. Leaves are capable of absorbing the advanced nutrients in a foliar spray via the pores or stomata that are found all over each leaf. Most of these stomata are found on the underside of the leaves. A lot of hydroponic growers make the error of just covering the top, greener surface of each leaf. To make sure extra assimilation of the fertilizer takes place, fully cover the leaves, both top as well as the bottom with the Rhizotonic.

Make sure you spray the Rhizotonic in somewhat cool conditions. Studies demonstrate that stomata close in settings that are extra warm. So if your grow room is approximately eighty degrees or even more, you should postpone foliar feeding your plants until you have cooler conditions. The majority of people opt to use Rhizotonic foliar spray extremely early in the morning or late in the evening when it is coolest. You must try to prevent making use of a foliar spray if the temperature is more than seventy two degrees Fahrenheit. The pH of you foliar spray should be somewhat acidic in the range of 5.8 so that it can easily penetrate the film on the leaf and get absorbed easily.

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