Benefits of Sage Debit & Credit Card Processing

Posted by sagesupportnumber on December 7th, 2017

In an era when your very financial privacy and security is under threat due to several mechanized ways, Sage ensures your monetary security especially while processing debit & credit card.

Why use Sage Debit & Credit Card Processing? Well, it enables you to have a very secure processing solutions and processing solutions that are compliant with the regulations in the business-field which includes the full Payment Card Industry (PCI) authorization along with merchant-validation & certification. The above also complies with security of PIN transaction. Being a merchant, you’ll get the benefits which are way beyond mere compliance.

Product Highlights - Sage Debit & Credit Card Processing

1. Sage provides the securest and the most compliant solutions of credit & debit card processing solutions in the business enterprise which includes a full Payment Card Industry (PCI) and other validation/certifications. Sage handles all characteristics of the customer’s account in-house, from Service & support to prevention of loss to assistance in charge-back. It also helps in underwriting & integration with the user’s accounting software and/or ERP software.

2. Helps in processing debit and credit cards easily. Accumulated behind the firewall of Sage, instead of being present on the user’s personal computer, the data of the customers, is secure. The Solution moreover, has fraud prevention & security features like Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV and CVV2). The user(s) can now provide their customer(s), the convenience of setting-up a mechanized payments procedure straightaway from their bank-account, and/or make payments of the the credit card. To continue, ensuring immediate payment, the solution supplies peace while making a more efficient billing and collections. The solution also provides for government, purchase and/or purchase cards. Moreover, you don’t have to Sage 50 install or upgrade the software. However, the sage debit & credit card includes an e-commerce shopping cart in which purchase can be made at no extra charge.

Errors Hindering Usage of Sage Debit & Credit Card Processing

Different errors might crop up which might impede your usage of Sage Debit & Credit Card Processing, which need to be dealt with professionally. Following are some of the aforementioned Errors:

1. Decline Code 00: This decline code refers to the message ‘do not honor’, which indicates that you might be having insufficient funds or there might be some credit card restriction.

2. Decline Code 000003: This Code signifies invalid merchant ID.

3. Decline Code 000001 & 000002: These messages occur when some issues that might have occurred in the the bank issuing the credit card.

There are many other errors which might impede the usage of Sage Debit and Credit Card Processing. In case you need our help to resolve errors, call us at our Sage 50 toll free number +1 (844) 857 4846 or email or chat with us online. Just log-on to

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