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Posted by Johan Krugar on December 8th, 2017

You may not realize how crucial it’s to maintain your filling station in South Africa, from inside out. Remember word of mouth can do wonders for your petrol station business. Satisfied customers are poised to tell their colleagues, family, and friends the good news about your safe, clean, and well-managed station.

Here are ten simple but practical tips on how to make customers happy at your filling station.

#1. Stay on Top of Outside Appearance

Everything in your petrol station should be impeccably clean. Sure, fuel dispensing can be a messy affair, but you need to do a bang-up with the outside appearance. Whether it’s the rubbish bins, footpaths, landscaping or petroleum equipment in Durban, they all should sparkle. After all, outer appearance makes for a great first impression.

#2. Stock Up

From the fuel tank to the store, your petrol station should be stocked with the latest products. Find a reliable supplier of petroleum products such as paraffin, petrol, and diesel supply. This way, your fuel tanks in Durban will never run out of stock.

#3. Invest in Top-Notch Petroleum Equipment

The last thing you want is to disappoint your customers will faulty petrol station equipment. If you’re interested in customer satisfaction, you should buy only the best fuel tanks, fuel bowsers, dispenser pumps, diesel tanks, and so forth. They should pass the highest quality assurance standards.

#4. Price Your Fuel Right

You should dispense diesel, petrol or paraffin at competitive prices. That is why is pay to partner with a reputable petroleum supply company. This way, you will offer your customers high-quality fuels without breaking the bank.

#5. Hire Great Team

Round up a team of courteous, professional, and skilled people who’ll focus on customer service. The reputation of your petrol station staff is chief to your success. They should always be attentive and presentable.

#6. Fuel Dispensers and Dispensing Pumps

First things first, you need to invest in top-of-the-line fuel dispensers and petroleum pumps in Durban. On the same token, ensure that your dispenser covers, nozzles, and handles are free from damage and dents. They should always be clean and in working order.

#7. Offer More Payment Options’

Returning customers, especially large companies, should have a credit account with your station. They should receive discounted rates as well as robust after-sale services. You should also offer credit and mobile wallet payments on top of cash.

#8. Run Promotions

Every petrol station customer loves to snag deals, discounts, and bulk promotions.

#9. Exceed Customer Expectations

You should train your staff to offer value-added services like tire inflation, repairs, and windscreen cleaning.

#10. Loyalty Programs

If you can work with the best wholesale supplier of diesel, petrol or paraffin in Durban, you will be able to extend the benefits to your customers. Consider point-based loyalty reward program.

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