A unique way to permanently change your eye color

Posted by PARTIK on December 8th, 2017

Though it depends on the pigments present in your eye, yet this pigmentation can be specific to a particular person. Such is their specificity that it is often included in biometric identification along with retina scan and fingerprint scan. Now, this eye color imparts certain personality to people. More often than not people seek to change their inborn eye color just to enhance their personality, however, the question is how to change your eye color permanently.

Though the question is simple, the answer isn’t. As eye color forms an integral part of our identity hence changing it for cosmetic purposes is illegal in many countries. So be careful and take the advice of a physician before you opt for one. However, several medical conditions like ocular albinism, aniridia (a medical condition where people do not have an iris), coloboma (partial iris) Iridoschisis (cysts in the iris or multi-layered iris) warrants the necessity of a permanent eye color change.

So, changing your eye color has become a sought-after procedure. Whether it is for cosmetic purpose or medical purpose, people regularly go for eye color change. The most widely used technique in this matter is the laser treatment, surgery that help change eye color with laser rays. However, there’s a much easier method of changing your eye color. One that doesn’t involve surgery or any kind of non-surgical laser therapy. Iris implant, a relatively new procedure that uses an artificial iris has been approved and designed by US ophthalmic authorities.

This artificial device is inserted into the eye by making a small incision in your eye by a relatively painless procedure. This is a thin layered artificial iris which is compatible with your body and hence doesn’t react with your body or cause any side effects. It’s just like your contact lenses, only more permanent and flexible. The material used is same in both the cases. The procedure takes just about 15 min.

So, within less than half an hour you can change your eye color permanently. Primarily people with an abnormal eye color or those suffering from eye diseases use this artificial iris but gradually more and more people are using it for cosmetic purposes. Hence, it is approved for cosmetic use as well. With this artificial iris implant, one can change the two natural pigments of the eye - melanin, and lipofuscin. The melanin pigment is responsible for black and brown eye color while the lipofuscin is responsible for blue and green. By controlling these two pigments, physicians produce the desired eye color required in a particular iris implant. Thus, by opting out for the iris implant of your choice you can get the desired eye color in no time. 15 min is all it takes!

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