Folding Electric Bikes: A portable Commuting Choice in the UK

Posted by AMIT PARMAR on December 8th, 2017

Folding Electric Bikes are a particularly ideal means of mobility in the UK because of its compact size, which makes it great for navigating small and busy city streets. With the growing concern for the environmental impact of motor vehicles, pollution, and global warming, more people are searching for alternative means of transport, and electric vehicles such as folding electric bikes are just the ticket for those who want to get around without further damaging the environment.

A typical folding electric bike is made of an aluminium alloy frame with a steel front fork. The handlebar folds neatly away for easy carrying in public transport like busses and trains, and for quick storage. A rear V-brake or Servo brake fender makes braking easy for stopping and simple control. A folding electric bike can go to speeds up to 15.5 miles per hour with a reasonable range of 25 km (16 miles), and is great for moving around in between buildings and public transport.  

For commuters looking for a simple means of getting around a busy city, folding electric bikes fit the bill because their lightweight frame makes them easy to carry around. These scooters fold compact and have ample power to putter along with the option to be pushed manually if needed. The small, compact battery arrangement allows for a quick top off with a good amount of range for getting around and about, and with a low price, makes it a good investment for anyone. The handlebar mounted throttle control makes for convenient and easy operation. The learning curve is short and one can learn to operate it in a matter of minutes.  

Folding electric bikes are great for people of any age (14 and older), thanks to their safety rating. As with any motorised vehicle, safety equipment such as helmets, and knee and elbow pads are always recommended, although the slow maximum speed guarantees that it can be operated safely with proper care. Many models are available for selection especially if the scooters will be operated by younger children.

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