Save Money on Fuel with Electric Motorbikes in the UK

Posted by AMIT PARMAR on December 8th, 2017

Rising fuel costs and concern for the environment has led many to seek out an alternative means of getting around and about. For this purpose, electric motorbikes have slowly become popular in countries like the UK as a means for people to go to work and back home, go to school, and do errands such as groceries, among many others.

Modern electric bikes are so near and identical in appearance to gasoline powered motorcycles that you can hardly tell the difference. Electric motorbikes are propelled by a powerful and silent electric motor capable of speeds up to 40 miles per hour, with a range of about 62 miles from a single charge. The included charging unit can top off the batteries from the mains in six to eight hours but can be boosted to a faster charging time using a dedicated charging point. Each bike is carefully appointed with comfortable upholstered saddle seat and storage bins for small items like parcels or books. Standard equipment also includes a set of powerful brakes, LED headlamps, and lightweight trim.

Electric motorbikes can rake in a lot of fuel savings with the use of electric batteries to power them, and charging up during the off-peak hours make for additional savings on fuel costs. Less moving parts also mean easier maintenance and lower upkeep costs, which adds to its value proposition as an alternative transportation solution. Basic electric bike parts such as wheels, tires and brake pads are similar to standard gas powered bikes so they are readily available in case they need to be replaced. The motor is rated for extended range and long-term use and will probably not need servicing for a while.

The lithium battery pack equipped is also rated for thousands of charge cycles and is probably the only part that would need constant care and maintenance. They will naturally wear down as they are used but the battery packs are removable and can be swapped out with a fresh set when they have reached their rated duty cycle. Overall, with low cost of ownership and maintenance, electric bikes are a great alternative to traditional motor vehicles and a big step forward towards a sustainable environment.

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