How to Use Gmail for Free Video or Audio Internet Calling?

Posted by kate willson on December 10th, 2017

Technology is meant to be a tool, designed towards providing you a platform to move
ahead. Of course, the possibilities are limitless and you can see how technology has a
positive impact on the day to day life.

Communication today is largely one-way traffic, due to the onset of emails and this really
reduces the distance. With Gmail, you have an excellent medium that largely gives you a
lot of leverage. It is also here that you have a definite chance to video chat or make audio
calls, just by signing into the Gmail account.

Since 2015, Google Hangouts is almost the default application that you can make use of
when it comes to making a free video or audio call. The app is now being used by millions
of users worldwide, only because it has a great interface and can be operated with
considerable ease.

However, in some instances, some of the features might not work, which might due to
some local issues. If the problems persist and you find the going tough, it then makes
sense to consult the third-party experts. Perhaps, this is when you can use the toll-free
Google customer service phone number.

What does it take to make a video or audio call in Gmail?

Video Calling in Gmail

To make a free video or audio call, you don’t have to pay anything or go through a
complicated procedure. On the contrary, the procedure is rather simple and
straightforward. The process associated with the task of making a video call is as follows: -
Start by accessing Google’s Hangouts. You can also do the same by clicking on the
sidebar of Gmail.
Select a person’s name or email address by searching in the relevant boxes. To
make the call, click on the name.

 Click Video call and you can start a video chat, provided the same person is online
in Hangouts.
 When you are finished with the call, click on the End Call button.
For uninterrupted video calls, you must keep certain aspects in mind, which are further
being elaborated below:-
 See to it that your internet connective is strong and does not falter, between the
 Update the browser on a regular basis, so as to have a flawless conversation.
 To invite a friend to video-chat, you must ensure to send the invitation link directly to
the email.

There will be a few gray areas, which rather spoils the whole experience. To, overcome
the technical glitches, the best step then would be to consult the independent professions
using the progressively aligned Google customer support number. For a change, this
really works and also does assist to boost your overall experience.

Audio call in Gmail

Google allows users who have Gmail account to make free voice calls online. In fact, the
call can be placed directly from the inbox, without having any need for service agreement
or any hand-held device.

So, here’s how you can make free audio calls.

 Sign-into Gmail account.
 In the next step, check if the Google Hangouts plug-in is installed or not.
 Now, look for the small phone icon at the bottom right side of Gmail.
 To open a new menu, click on the Phone Calls button.
 Gently hover the mouse over the contact’s name and click on the phone icon button
to the right.
 You will immediately get hold of the person unless he is not interested to pick up
the call!

With Gmail, the whole objective is to present the users with alternative mediums that
allows them to stay connected through video and audio calling, which is almost free. The
modes of interactive communication are changing and in this rapidly changing scenario,
this really bodes well.

Google is obviously inclined towards offering innovative solutions, which are customized
and to a large extent addresses the needs of the present day users.

What Exactly Technical Support for Gmail implies?

For obvious reasons, you may encounter a few problems with Gmail. The technical nature
of the issue rather makes it difficult for you to manage the issue. This is where you need
proactive assistance. It is almost certain that official Google helpline will not be of much
any assistance.

On that front, you have to look for other measures. Going by the conditions, it seems
logical to approach the technical experts for which you can make use of the toll-free and
reliable Google help phone number. The experts readily assist you in fixing the issues,
which rather puts you at ease. Moreover, you can use the helpline number at any time,
without having to undertake much of any stress.

So, the next time, you find something wrong with your Gmail account, it would be a safe bet to dial the unofficial helpline support number.

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