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The Western tertiary education system has had great influence on china’s university education. China now categorizes its universities into research universities, comprehensive universities, colleges for professional training, and high vocational education.

The Quality Control System of Universities

Due to the Chinese way of governance, there is a great influence on the standards of Chinese universities from the government. The quality of education is ensured in the following ways:

1. The Chinese Ministry of Education has set up the Undergraduate Quality of Education Assessment Committee to periodically assess universities.

2. Faculties run an estimation on the quality of its discipline and research areas on a regular basis

3. The Ministry Of Education must review and approve a new course before it can be launched

4. There are several media organizations who rank universities annually to keep them in check

Teachings and Scientific Research of Universities

A well-structured curriculum is put in place to fulfill a teaching and comprehension task. Diverse teaching techniques such as classroom lecture, study group discussion, assignments, and special teacher-to-student consults are implemented to improve students’ problem-solving abilities and knowledge acquisition.
A known fact is that china runs mainly on its science and technology so scientific researches in universities are strictly supervised. China has a 100 state research laboratories and 36 state engineering research centers.

Semesters and Holidays

A majority of Chinese universities take in new international students during the autumn (June to mid-September) but some universities open admission again over the spring season (December to mid-February) for a second chance to enroll every academic year.
The first, which is the fall semester starts from mid-September to January or sometimes early February whereas the second which is the spring semester begins in February or early march and ends in July
The holiday usually last for two months. The summer holiday starts early July to August and the winter holiday starts early January and end in February.

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