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Posted by Choice Building Inspections on December 11th, 2017

Buildings are constructed to offer protection and shelter in addition to the other aesthetic features. A building regardless of how new or old the construction is may sometimes be in poor condition. To the naked eye and to untrained eyes, underlying faults would never be visible. However, flaws in construction or the condition of the building may sometimes prove to be dangerous for the occupants of the building. A building inspection conducted by a professional agency with the right equipment and expertise would be able to unravel and unearth the flaws and indicate the actual condition of the building. In Australia building inspections are certainly necessary due to the extreme weather conditions. Here is a look at building inspections and the different types of building inspections in Australia

Inspections prior to purchase of buildings 

Prior to purchasing a building, an inspection by qualified and certified inspection agencies will help you to understand the actual condition of the building. Depending on the report you can then ask the builder or the seller to make suitable modifications or repairs to make the building worthy for occupation. Rather than occupying a building that is unsafe, it is better to understand the actual condition before taking possession. The ranges of equipment used for building inspections make lend greater accuracy to the reports. 

Pest and termite inspections

 Pests and termites reside in the structures of buildings without occupants even being aware of it. This can lead to possible structural damage to the building. Occupants of buildings or individuals intending to purchase a building would do well to get a comprehensive check up of the building carried out to understand the possible risks to the structure from pests and termites.  Thermal imaging equipment used by agencies offer a drill down look at the actual structure of the building beneath the visible surface. 

Dilapidation surveys to record condition of adjacent properties 

Often at times, there would be a requirement for demolition of structures or excavation of the earth for construction purposes. Due to the close proximity of buildings, adjacent buildings sometimes experience vibrations or damage. At times existing damage may be tried to be passed off as damage as a result of the construction activity.  It is therefore prudent to carry out a thorough check of the condition of adjacent properties before undertaking any activity. This would serve as some kind of insurance against wrong claims. 

Building inspections carried out by professionals offer swift and accurate reports regarding the actual condition of the buildings and the expected manifestation of those conditions. This would help home owners and prospective home owners to look at preventive actions to remedy the condition and pre-empt damage to life or property. Pests damage the very condition of buildings with persistent damage in damp surfaces. With qualified reports that are in compliance with the requirements as mandated by Australian Standards AS 4349.1 and 4349.3, home owners can look forward to taking up residence free from apprehensions regarding safety. 

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