Know About the Basics of Fitness Balls and Its Uses

Posted by Gymsportz Fitness on December 12th, 2017

You aren’t the only one who wonders about what those fun-looking bouncy balls taking up all the space in your gym are or what they might be used for. Developed by Aquilino Cosani in the 1960s, fitness balls have been used as a staple accessory for physical therapy, training and exercise all across the world. It is one of the best exercise tools that one can own with a wide variety of benefits on offer for beginner as well as advanced fitness trainers. Wish to know more about the basics of fitness balls and their uses? This article will give you all the info you seek:

What are Fitness Balls?
Fitness Balls are air filled plastic balls that have been designed to take the weight of up to 600 pounds. These lightweight and durable balls are used in a variety of exercise moves and settings and offer a lot of options for a user to innovate new, fun and more challenging poses. These were first used for physical therapy by Dr Susanne Klein-Vogelbach at her clinic and, from then onwards, fitness balls became an essential accessory in gyms and training centres all over the world.

Where are fitness balls used?
You don’t have to be a personal trainer or a physical therapist to learn how to use a fitness ball effectively. They become the perfect tool for use in a Yoga or Pilates exercise routine and may also be used to do some basic abs exercises and pre-workout stretching. However, the true benefits of Fitness Balls appear when you examine the following uses that they have:

• Improving flexibility: Fitness Balls lend themselves quite well to different kinds of stretching and warm up exercises that are intended towards getting your body ready for a full blown workout. They are instrumental in helping prevent workout injuries while keeping muscles and joints functional.

• Strengthen core muscles: Fitness balls are designed to help trainers work on their abdominal and lower back muscles that are responsible for protecting your lumbar spine. Using these balls for core building exercises will enhance your body’s stability and balance while ensuring that you are able to manage any weight bearing stress that is usually part and parcel with strength training. Core building exercises using fitness balls will also help you get the rock hard, toned abs that you have always hoped for.

• Improve balance: Just sitting on a Fitness Ball gets your stabilizer muscles in action, helping you to develop a healthy posture and improve balance for better mobility and coordination. These exercises and stretches will help get your body properly aligned to maintain appropriate function, stability, strength and mobility.

Overall, Fitness Balls are an amazing way to kick start your everyday workout regime and ensure that your body gets the most benefit from all the exercises you plan to engage into. So if you don’t have one yet, get it!

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