A Brief History of Bail Bond Service

Posted by Linda Hudson on December 12th, 2017

You must have heard about bail bond and services at least at some point in your life. However, did you know that this system dates back to 13th century England? The commercial practice of offering bail bond arose when balancing the playing field among all the classes including low, middle and high when individuals were accused of a crime.

Bail bonds service in Nassau County accept a percentage of bail amount as their fees and post the rest amount for someone who has been charged with a crime. In the past who had sufficient money and property were released pending the trials. 

Bail Bond History

Bail bond has been a right, granted to U.S. citizens since the founding of the country. As the American legal system developed, legislation regarding bail changed over time. The history of the American bail process can be reviewed through different legal decisions, handed down over the years.

Judiciary Act of 1789

This act declared that all persons charged with non-capital crimes could be granted bail. It provided a legal ground for the rights of defendants undergoing a trail and prevented judges from imposing excess bail fines on accused.

The Sixth Amendment

The sixth amendment to the US Constitution declared that an accused person has a right to a speedy and public trial. It guarantees the accused person right to find witnesses ‘in his favor’ as well as a chance to acquire the service of an attorney.

Eighth Amendment

The Eighth Amendment prohibits excess bail. In the past, officials who might have set an enormous amount of bail could abuse bail system with no opposition. The Supreme Court later clarified ‘excessive bail’ and excessive fines.'

After this, the bail system observed Reform act of 1966 and 1984 Bail Law which gave final shape to present bail system. In a nutshell, bail system is a much-needed service for the individuals.

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