What You Can Expect From an STI Clinic UK

Posted by AngeloEverton on October 31st, 2011

 Everyone thinks ten times before walking into STI clinic UK for the fear of what may be the outcome. There is nothing to worry about when you walk into one of these clinics, says a source. You don’t have to be embarrassed walking into one of the clinics and asking for help. You should think of STI as just any other illness that you may have contracted and now you are walking into one of the clinics for help, that’s it!! Think of this as your normal routine check up with your doctors and there is nothing to worry about. You don’t have to be scared about it, and even if you have been on xenical pills for some time, it wouldn’t be a cause of concern, say doctors, while you undergo this test.

When you reach the age of sixteen, you have a personal relationship with the doctor at the esteemed STI clinic UK. Whatever diagnosis happens or whatever procedures are undertaken, the doctor will keep it confidential between the two of you, not even your shadow would know about the same. You can actually sue your doctor for disclosing information without your consent, under data protection act, if he does so. Most would say popping in xenical pills would be better than going to the clinic, since it is scary and there is no protection for the same, which is a myth and not to be believed, says medical experts.

What happens at an STI clinic UK for men? The first thing a man would be asked to do is to answer many questions the doctor would have for him. These questions would be related to the patient’s sexual life, health conditions and the symptoms he feels are on him at the moment. The doctor would then want to check the head of the penis, the neck and even the patient’s testicles to check for STI symptoms. The next thing the doctor would ask for is a urine sample, blood sample and not to forget, the much needed swab test as well. Most fear the swab test, this is where the foreskin of the penis would be pulled back, and the eye of the penis would be pulled as well, not much, but just a little so that they can put in a cotton bud to collect the swab. This process if pain free and the results would be sent to you in a few days, so it is better than popping in xenical and to get the check up done, say experts.

In the case of females who walk into an STI clinic UK for women, this is what happens. The patient would be asked questions about her private and personal life. These questions would be related to the patient’s sexual life, health conditions and the symptoms he feels are on him at the moment. If the patient prefers a female doctor and nurse around, it would be granted for the same. There would be an internal examination done on the patient, which is not painful at all. The patient doesn’t have to worry about the pains for there are none. Even if she was on xenical, the patient doesn’t have to worry about it.

Finally, the patients would be asked to provide the doctor at the STI clinic UK with a sample of her urine and blood as well. There would also be a swab test performed on the patient, where the cotton bud would be wiped on the insides of the patient’s vagina, somewhere close to the cervix. This is a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but not painful at all, say doctors. The results would be given out in a few days by the clinic, and there is no need to pop in xenical for the same, say medical experts.

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