Why Are Rabbit Vibrators Such A Hit Amongst Women?

Posted by juliabennet on October 31st, 2011

We all know how popular vibrators have been ever since the early twentieth century, but in this day and age, you have rabbit vibrators which have hopped around many laps, if you know what we mean. Vibrators used to be large sex toys to play with in the past, but over time they have evolved in various shapes, sizes, colors and lengths as well. Take a look at the market and you would find many kinds of vibrators to suit your sexual needs. However, not all vibrators have made such a mark as what the rabbit ones have.

Most women in the past have always been shy of using or declaring their use of vibrators in the past. But the modern woman today ahs shed all her inhibitions, she openly speaks about her fun she has with these sex toys. Even on a favorite sitcom, two women were heard speaking of their sex toys; they cutely named the “rabbit”. The character clearly stated how pleased and happy she was using the rabbit vibrators for all her needs, which only goes to show how popular this sex toy has become in the recent times.

So what are rabbit vibrators? This is a vibrator which would vibrate but would have ears which are shaped like that of a rabbit. In the days gone by only the jack rabbit vibrator was in use and popular and that was the only choice most sexually active women could have. However, today, when you look at the range of vibrators available in the market, they come in all forms, shapes, sizes and colors as well. However, all of them would still retain the rabbit posture and methodology.

The Jack rabbit vibrators come with a shaft and the base is where the vibrator is mounted. When you use this vibrator the shaft in its entirety would shake and there would not be a single regions around where it is used that wouldn’t be touched softly and sensitively. Most women love it, since the vibrator allows them to stimulate their clits when the vibrators are inserted; this is something which wasn’t possible with the rabbit vibrators that were manufactured in yesteryears.

The new age rabbit vibrators have a shaft which is mounted. This would allow the clit to be targeted when penetration is on. The ears of the rabbit vibrator are meant to please a woman by allowing stimulation of the clitoris, since they would vibrate vigorously around the woman’s clitoral region. These vibrators have successfully broken all barriers and ways to achieve the best female orgasm, say many customers who have used them. Such toys have brought back the spice in sexual lives of many women across the globe and smiles of contentment can be seen as proof.

If you look online for rabbit vibrators, there are various shops that sell these sex toys. You should only look at shops that have been around and are reputed. Read the testimonials and reviews written by real customers on the vibrators they bought before you think of purchasing one for you needs.

Go and get rabbit vibrators for immense sexual pleasure. You can also learn about other vibrators by clicking on the links.

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