5 Simple Methods of Making Money Through Blogging

Posted by rohny014 on December 13th, 2017

When you first learn about how to start a blog, you may have envisioned of earning out of it. Although a lot of people use their blog to publish personal stories or use it to communicate with family and friends, there are those who carefully learned everything from how to start a blog down to how they can make a living out of it.

Yes, blogging for money is very possible and you can do it too. In fact, there are multiple ways to earn from a WordPress blog. Here are five simple ones that you can start to do so you can start to create a blog that earns.

  1.    Get paid blogging gigs.

Blogging gigs can be any sorts of job related to blogging for another blog. There are a lot of companies who are always on the lookout for freelance bloggers who are willing to do the research, write posts, make comments, and a lot of various writing tasks. Of course you will be given money for completing these tasks. This method is perfect for those who are still learning the ropes on how to start a blog. It will become a training ground to become familiar with all the tasks involved in blogging.

  1.    Have ads on your blog posts.

If you are able to learn how to start a blog the right way, you know that having a good niche can be a source of treasure. Basically, pay-per-click services work best with a good niche. Although some ads are worth less than a dollar, having a good niche ensures that you will have a lot of potential viewers. Higher paying ads will soon come as soon as you have established a good number of followers.

  1.    Be an entrepreneur blogger.

Upon learning how to start a blog, you know that a WordPress blog can be anything from a source of information to a great source of all types of goods. There are plenty of blogs that sell products, both physical and digital forms. If you want to put up an online garage sale, have a blog that is designed to be a merchandise web page. You may also offer e-books, tutorials, or other expertise that you can include in the services that you can offer on your blog. If you or your family has a business, use the blog to promote it. Make the blog to provide information about the business as well as a portal to reach you for business concerns.

  1.    Apply for affiliate programs.

If you are not comfortable about selling your own products but want to create a blog that earns, then you can apply for an affiliate program. Affiliate ads work by letting you earn a portion of every sale made through the affiliate ads on your site. Your followers can find the products they need but you don’t go through all the process of doing inventory, setting prices, or closing the sales. What you should be really concerned about is to learn how to have more followers because the more people who will see the affiliate ads, the more chances of having people who will actually click on the ads to buy the products.    

  1.    Create sponsored posts.

There are companies who see the benefits of promoting through blogs. As a blogger, you will be paid for sharing your thoughts about certain products from a company. With a little research on how to start a blog, notice how most successful bloggers have built authority and companies are sending products for them to test it out. The secret to this is that those bloggers kept their reputation untarnished even though they are doing sponsored posts. This means that although you will be paid to make a review about a product, you need to be honest on your opinion and in declaring your experiences from it. The readers often appreciate honest reviews and so does the companies.

Blogging for money is possible but you have to put it a lot of time and effort into it. Experiment with these methods and find out which works best with you. If you want, you can do all these and see how effective they are on monetizing your blog.

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