Renting a storage unit ? what you should know

Posted by Cynthia Madison on December 13th, 2017

They can come in handy when you are moving out because you can store your furniture and other similar things during the transition. Also, if you are renovating your house, storage units can be a very good choice to opt for.

You can negotiate the price

Usually, storage units are offering promotions but if there is not the case, you can ask if you can get a discount when you pay ahead of time. Moreover, if they do not have the size that you want, tell them that you want the next size up. There are high chances of you getting a discounted storage unit. But whatever the situation may be, try and negotiate the price.

There are storage units of different sizes

The majority of storage companies have on their website a calculator. By using it, you can manage to find out which storage unit size works best for you. Keep in mind that the bigger the storage unit, the costly it will be. Also, if you choose to rent a smaller storage unit, you should think of investing in some shelving in order to gain more space.

You can choose between indoor storage units and outdoor storage units

An indoor storage unit is located in a building. By choosing this type of unit, you have more protection regarding the robbery, but you will find it difficult to get things in and out of the storage unit. As for outdoor units, these resemble a garage, so it is sure to say that the storage operation would be much easier.

Take into account the temperature

Depending on where you live and what things you need to store, take into account the possibility of renting a climate-controlled unit. Sure enough, you will pay some extra money, but you will at least keep your possessions in good conditions. This applies to antiques, photos, artwork and other related things that can be damaged by high temperatures.

Ask about the security they provide

Before renting any storage unit, ask about the security that the company provides you with. Maybe they have a video monitoring system or individual alarms on each unit’s door. Do not be afraid to ask. You need to be sure that your items are kept safe.

Ask about a free truck

Some storage companies have moving trucks of which new tenants can dispose. This offer is free and also, it is usually available within two weeks of renting your storage unit.

Be sure that you will be able to pay the rent

Finally, the last step to renting storage units is to be sure that you will have the amount of money needed in order to pay the rent. Storage companies have different rules that vary according to the laws of a specific state. Nevertheless, nothing will happen if you are paying the rent a week after the scheduled payment. If it happens for you to be more than a week late with your payment, then the storage unit will have the right to auction off your items. But before doing that, they will notify you with a public notice of auction and certified letters.

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