Best Strength Training for Pitchers for Harder Ball Throwing

Posted by Alexal476 on December 14th, 2017

If we talk about baseball, it is played between two teams consisting of nine players who have different roles during the game known as pitchers, batters or hitters, catchers, and fielders. As the game starts, batting team score runs by hitting the ball thrown by the pitchers of the opposite team. After hitting the ball, the batter runs anticlockwise around a series of four bases in the field to score runs. A run is said to be complete when the batters return to the home base. In this way, the role of hitters and pitchers is the most crucial during a baseball game. Also, a lot of physical contacts is involved in baseball when fielders try to stop the batters from reaching the home base. So, apart from playing skills, the baseball players also need to have a great body in order to bear the rigors of the game.

While talking about the pitchers, they need to throw the ball at a very rapid speed and make sure that batters miss the ball. Usually, the pitchers playing in big leagues throw at an average velocity of 95 MPH. In order to achieve such high-level speeds, pitchers have to have a very good arm strength. In addition to the arm strength, they also need to have flexible bodies that allow them to swing their arms without getting injured. However, not every pitcher posses such good arms and they need to undergo strength training programs to achieve speed throwing. This training works on the biomechanics of the pitchers to let them develop a good arm strength and flexible bodies.

Even if many pitchers can produce a lot of force, their body is not capable enough to smoothly transfer the power through legs, hips, torso, shoulders, elbow and other body parts. This means that a ball thrown hardly doesn’t cover much distance due to less force being transferred into the ball. Efficient biomechanics developed through strength training help the pitchers in getting movement patterns that lead to high force production capabilities with minimal energy leakage between different body segments. Many companies are providing e-books that help the players to learn pitching harder with strength training program. These books also offer nutrition guidelines for the pitchers to help them develop pitching-specific strength, muscles, and power.

If you need such books that guide in achieving best strength training for pitchers, you can find them on the websites of different companies.

Author’s Bio: The writer is a blogger. This article is about the need of strength training for pitchers.


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