Freemasonry and the Bible ? Low-Cost Versions of the Historic Masonic Bible

Posted by harryjoy on December 14th, 2017

The Bible – is for all Christians the most sacred of books; the source of truth and revelation of God’s word. In the last thousands of years that have seen the arrival of the first Hebrew texts upon Papyrus and leather scrolls, the Old Testament as we know it, has come down to us, after the voyage of time. It has since been the most reproduced and translated book in the world.

No original manuscripts are known to exist but only copies for our age to understand the meaning of life or the origins of Freemasonry – as it has biblical foundations. As Freemasonry highly values the diversity of its members, it is ideal in today’s world to understand and be able to access the viewpoints presented in the Masonic version of the holy bible.

Get access to one of the best deluxe collection, and browse through a range of Masonic bibles for sale. Choose from a variety of deluxe bibles, family bibles, and mason bibles and add the prized possession to your home’s peace and prosperity.

Why buying a Masonic holy bible for sale can be a worthy addition? Because it can be a great source of Masonic secrets and observances that are beneficial for the Masonic believers about Christ’s deeds as a man, and his exemplary form. It is notably the great fortune of learning, and knowledge galore about the great man from the past, who wanted to know attribute of divinity or the only means of redemption of lost mankind.

In the world of agony, discrimination, corruption and rage – add peace to your mind by availing the Masonic holy bible. Apart from a sea of reasoning to develop from the constraints of ‘religion’ stripped free of all specific dogmas about Christ and an unenlightened Christian, you will gauge necessary knowledge about the biblical scripture and biblical characters. Strive with impeccable accords to know the creator – the supreme architect of the universe and all the Masonic symbols, verses, rituals, degrees and altar with quality Masonic Cornerstone Bible.

The Masonic Bible is the last piece to your perfect puzzle of the already existing artwork, logo, and design representing your particular lodge, group or organization. Come together as one and come to the summarization of the worldwide ‘Masonry’ operations.

Your next purchase can take you closer to the “real” and “pure” Bible, away from all malice and additional corrupted stories, which were added through the wrongful interpretations from earlier pagan religions and Churches.

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