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Posted by jewelrybrand on December 14th, 2017

The price of the bvlgari necklace replica is sure to change because of the size of the diamond, so if you think a carat itemChain Price is too high, then the price of 50 cents will be much cheaper, but also can shine a diamond The beauty of the stone, perhaps the most concerned about the 50-point necklace is how much money, and the size of the necklaceQuestion, below we answer this question for everybody, 50 points necklace Price: size is The 50-point necklace is basically between 10,000 and 5 and 60,000, which most people can accept and buy.
But whether to buy ten thousand or twenty thousand, or fifty thousand or sixty thousand or thirty thousand or forty thousand of the 50-point bulgari diva necklace imitation, you need to see The ring material of necklace, diamond 4C quality (weight, net degree, color, cut) and brand premium, K-Gold is cheaper than platinum; The net degree, color, cut grade higher, 50 points necklace Price The more expensive, the greater the value of the brand attached, the more expensive the price, the Bvlgari series of simple luxury 50-point necklace how big: The International measurement unit of diamond weight is “carat”, and a carat equals 0.2 grams equals 200 cents.

The diamond unit below a carat is recorded in minutes, 1 carats equals 100 points, so the bulgari diamond necklace imitation is how big The answer is 0.5 carats, a diameter of about 5.2mm, a height of about 3.1mm, in kind as the reference, about half the size of soybeans, of course, the way the necklace is inlaid may be made on the visual As a matter of effect, the 50 necklace of the pack looks smaller than the 50-point necklace, but actually the size is the same.
So combined with the above two points, 50-point necklace is reasonable, and the size is appropriate, wearing the words are not will be too publicity, nor low-key to the absence of a sense of existence, is applicable to a variety of occasions, jewelry, If you want to see the price and size of the bulgari necklace imitation you can go directly to the DR Website product page Face View.

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