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The segment of plastic surgery

Posted by rohny014 on December 14th, 2017

Plastic Surgery has been enriched thanks to the contributions made to this discipline by countless men and women, at different times, publicly or anonymously, some as a result of direct and natural observation of a situation, and others, the product of the experimentation and the judicious study of the phenomena that have occurred; It has given us identity and responsibility for its continuity and progress. Are you looking for plastic surgery Phuket; so for example, if an individual was born with a congenital defect or in his absence a person suffered an accident that as a result made him lose a certain function, cosmetic surgery, intervene to get back to normal function or appearance.

However, it should be noted that aesthetic surgery is also widely used throughout the world to improve the facial or body aesthetics of people who demand it because they either do not feel comfortable with any part of their body or want to look better by performing some changes Undoubtedly, in recent decades and before the imposition of certain canons of body fashion , people have turned en masse to cosmetic surgery to modify those aspects of your body that do not satisfy you.

So, in view of the above, plastic surgery has diversified into two distinct fields of action: reconstructive or restorative surgery and aesthetic surgery. It is worth mentioning that this differentiation resulted from the need of the same society and of the health services that needed to differentiate health cases from strictly aesthetic ones.

Reconstructive surgery is one that aims to disguise or reconstruct those consequences that left: an accident, a trauma, a genetic malformation, a tumor resection, while and for this will make use of various techniques such as tissue transfer or transplantation from healthy body parts to those that have been affected.

And aesthetic surgery or also called cosmetic is that which is carried out with an aesthetic purpose justly. Modify those portions of the body that the patient does not like. Among the most widespread in the world stands out breast, silicone prosthesis to breast enhancement to increase the bust, in the case of those women who have small breasts but on the contrary like to have large breasts. Also, the wrinkles on the face are subject to plastic surgeries, through the famous facelift, the person who feels dissatisfied with their wrinkles can stretch their face and let the marks of expression disappear that time leaves on the faces.

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