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Posted by anti3protect series on December 15th, 2017

There are tons of fungal, bacterial and microbial infections out there, so it is our duty to protect ourselves and take necessary precaution. As an athlete, doctor, nurse and fitness professionals, it is difficult to take time off even when health related problems occur. An athlete missing a tournament due to a bacterial infection would leave a mark on his sports career. Similarly, a child falling to a disease like impetigo can result in missing school or in extreme cases, they can even end up in the hospital. One of the most common carriers of these various kinds of skin diseases are doctors, nurses or hospital staff who are constantly prone to harmful environmental surrounded by bacteria and viruses. These diseases don’t only affects doctors, nurses, kids or athletes, but any human being that is susceptible to skin infections.

Anti3 Protect Series is a series of products to safeguard you from all infection you are prone to as an athlete. Anyone can be prone to these skin infections due to sharing the shower room, locker room, public areas, exposure to sun, soil, moisture, etc. Anti3 Protect Series provides sanitization products for both commercial and personal use. Not just athletes and other sports personalities, but also for doctors, fitness professionals, gym goers, doctors, teachers and nurses who are prone to infection due to their place of work. For them Anti3 Protect Series becomes indispensable providing a shield from the possibility of harmful infections.

Anti3 Protect Series’ products range from concentrated disinfectant to hair and body wash so just choose what product best fits your lifestyle or buy them all.

Protect yourself and order Anti3 Protect Series today! Who knows what new microbe is going to be the next hot topic!

What’s the difference between Anti3 Protect Series and other products similar to the market?

Anti3 Protect Series utilizes similar ingredients that are used as cleansers in hospital and healthcare establishments. Anti3 Protect Series wants to bring the same protection against germs to the athletic community.

Should I or my child only useAnti3 Protect Series if someone they know has a staph or skin infection?

No,Anti3 Protect Series prevents skin infections, thereby reducing the risk of cross-infection but it helps if they are already usingAnti3 Protect Series on a regular basis to further eliminate risk. Skin infections are common in contact sports, such as wrestling and mixed martial arts andAnti3 Protect Series is being used by these athletes to help prevent these infections.

What is the difference betweenAnti3 Protect Series Hair and Body Wash and Dry Wash Foam?

The Dry Wash is meant to be used in situations when there are no access to showers or you want to sanitize quick after touching something suspicious, being in a public area or before you eat. The Dry Wash does not need to be rinsed off. The Hair and Body Wash is to be used in the shower after training or competition and rinsed off completely.

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