Different types of bikini to choose and flaunt!!!

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Planning to go to beaches this summer or hosting a private pool party? Do not know what to wear? Maybe a sports bikini or a women's spring suits wetsuits? But did you ever think that you will get a huge variety of bikini styles too and thereby get a chance to flaunt your body? Here we present to you the options for your next bikini buy.

Just read this amazing write-up and choose a bikini according to your body type which fits you right, flaunt those curves and feel awesome….

  1. Bandeaukini/Strapless Bikini

This style is also known as Bandini and has contrasting designs of bra with briefs. It is a perfect wear for a short and revealing dress and an hourglass figure. Should not be bought and should be avoided if you have heavy and big busts.

  1. Multi-string bikini

Going with its name, this bra has a lot of strings attached to the bra to give it a halter neck look thus giving it an innovative look. You have got those attention drawing shoulders, this is a must try. Avoid buying this if you have broad shoulders, might not suit.

  1. String bikini

Looking for a sexy and sensational bikini for your next swim, try this which will have the string at the back and on the waist. Heavy busts and thighs define your body, try to avoid this.

  1. Microkini

This is an extremely revealing bikini which covers just the genitals. Just a simple thread and hence needs a lot of valor and determination to wear it in public. Got the guts? Go and get one.

  1. Tankini

It is a decent bikini which is suitable for all types of body. It comes with a tank top style bra and matching or contrasting brief. A good to wear if you are a starter in wearing bikinis in public.

  1. High Neck Bikini

Looking for something to suit beach time, surfing or other water sports, this less uncovered than normal bikini should be your choice. Apt sports bikini and women's spring suits wetsuits which will help you feel comfortable and thus enjoy your day out in the water.

  1. Trikini

This coruscating bikini hardly covers the one who is wearing it and is very revealing. Should be worn only if you are a skinny one and courageous enough to carry it on easily with confidence.

  1. Sling bikini

A well-toned woman should wear this to her swim and flaunt her waistline with suspender bikini. A unique and one of its kind which will definitely attract the attention of many eyes out there.

  1. Skirtini

This is more than a bikini as it comes with a top and a strider skirt. Looking for an elegant and top-rated swimwear, this is the one you should try.

  1. High-waisted bikini

A bottom which covers the waistline. Apt for the women who have stretch marks post pregnancy but still wish to cover them and wear this out to their next pool party.

  1. Fringe bikini

Gives you a scintillating and elegant look with fringes on the suit.

  1. Flounce bikini

Comes with a halter top and lets you flaunt your curves in the scorching heat with its summery look to make you look stunning.

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