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Posted by rohny014 on December 16th, 2017

Throughout history, many peoples and civilizations have become known for their art and characteristics in the manufacture of knives, such as Kris Malay, Scottish Dirk, Kukris of Nepal, So many Japanese, etc.

With the discovery of iron, knives or knives became resistant and provided more durable edges. But the manufacture of knives and blades has changed and iron is currently used together with steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, etc. Nowadays, there is a great tendency in the manufacture of bladed weapons (like the knife of personal defense, etc.) in PVC material undetectable in the metal controls, which can only be detected by checking.

Choosing a knife is something personal. It's like choosing a wallet. It all comes down to personal taste. Choose something that feels good in your hand and that you are proud to carry with you. The best pocket knives are those that have a historical significance. Basically these knives are used for the defense system. If you are a threat or worry someone might hurt you, you can carry these knives and save your souls. Let us see which knives we have today:

Concealed Knives:

Concealed Knives have extremely compact design and a nylon arm sheath; the concealed knives are an ideal constant companion. The blade, with a classic dagger shape and edged on one side, is made of black coated stainless steel. It is a very useful knife despite its small size.

Best Hidden Knives:

These reflect their name that is besthidden Knives. These knives are hidden but this knife looks bigger than it looks, and that's good and incredibly impressive, it has a very good edge and an excellent finish, one is very much satisfied with this purchase and its case is also good! The product is of good quality, according to the price, it is of Chinese origin. The handle is ergonomic rubber or rubber, the rope has a metal protector. The weight of the knife is ideal for use at the waist; the case (included) fits the belt.

Lipstick knife:

Lipstick knife have mini blades and they are in the form of lipsticks. These are for certain an excellent thing for the defense and dissuasion, the lid when removed, and the seal that it has, when removed, there is a rotating bottom; when it is rotated and a sharp-edged blade comes out just like we twist a lipstick, a quick and a compact solution it is!

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