Packing Hacks to Make Travel Light

Posted by Jetstay on December 16th, 2017

Lesser luggage means more freedom and even more flexibility to travel within cities, states or even countries. Having lesser items with you also reduces the risk of anything getting stolen or misplaced. Here are some packing hacks that’ll make packing lesser of a hassle. If travel is on your mind, book cheap flight tickets with Jetstay lets you avail cheap domestic flight tickets by booking them online along with several discounts and offers that would make travel cheaper and easier.

1. Go for a smaller, lighter suitcase.
This goes unsaid if you don’t want the luggage to bother you too much. The suitcase being smaller would help you cut down on the amount of luggage you would’ve otherwise chosen to carry.

2. More compartments, less fuss.
Having a bag with several compartments will make you cut down on having several pouches and purses that will consume a lot of unnecessary space.

3. No more than 2 pairs of shoes.
Let go of the temptation of pairing each outfit with a different pair of shoes, because that may mean you’re high on fashion quotient, but with a heavy baggage on. 2 pairs of shoes, along with a third and the heaviest one on should be good to go with. Make sure you pick up the pairs that are comfortable, light in weight, durable and can be paired with all your outfits.

4. Cut down on too many pairs of trousers/jeans
Trousers/jeans add to your luggage more than any other outfit. With one pair on and one in the luggage, there isn’t another one you might need. A black or dark blue pair will be a good pick since they would go with tops/shirts of most colors and wouldn’t look dirty even on wearing them repeatedly, every other day.

5. Don’t bother much with the toiletries.

Shampoo, soap, conditioner, shower caps are all available free of cost during your stay in any hotel, so you need not carry any of these. You may need a tiny tube of toothpaste and a deodorant that isn’t bulky enough. Apart from these if there is a quintessential kit that you need, make sure you avoid things that you can easily do without.

6. Mix, match and accessorize.
You sure wish to look chic in your pictures and want everyone to fancy your travel look. You could do that easily without having a lot of luggage by wearing your jeans, tops, and accessories in different permutations and combinations. That way, you’re high on style, yet light on luggage.

7. E-way is the best way!
Try having soft copies of everything on your phone or a notebook if you have one. Tickets, identity cards, books, movies, all of these can be stored on that one device that is both mobile and light on weight. Everything remains secured on the device and there’s only that one device that you need to take real good care of.

8. Don’t shy away from repeating your outfits
If yours is a longer vacation, you might have to repeat your outfits once in a while. There’s no harm in repeating your outfits if that means a lighter luggage and comfortable travel. Wash your clothes or get them washed on a regular basis to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, awaken the stylist in you to mix, match and sizzle!

9. There’s enough in the world for everyone’s need.
Unless you’re very finicky about your tastes, you’ll get all the items that are essential for your day-to-day basis, anywhere across the globe. Put in a little effort and try to locate the local general stores that will be your one-stop shop for everything.

10. Fill in the empty spaces.
Rather than having little pouches and bags for every little thing, try to fit in the smaller items in the empty spaces of your bags because there will be many. You’ll just have to get a little less organized and slightly smarter with your packing tactics.

With these pack-hacks, you’re good to travel light and easy! Nothing should be holding you back now, especially when you can book cheap domestic flight tickets with Amazing offers, deals and discounts await you at while you book cheap domestic flight tickets anywhere across India. Happy packing, happier travel!

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