So Really, What Is Hcg? How It Influences You Weight Loss Factors? Use Caution.

Posted by natashakin on December 18th, 2017

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a chemical, or hormone rather, that is produced in the body naturally. It is most prominent in pregnant women because the chemical is used to burn up fats in order to access nutrients for the child.

What Is HCG?
HCG is not approved for over-the-counter use, so there are safer ways to lose weight. There are studies showing that HCG does not have any effect on weight at all. Truly its effect is believed to be in the "appetite factor", making it easier to handle the hunger cravings. However you can still begin the HCG diet, without actually using the HCG. If you still would like to use the HCG, then please do so at your own caution, start with a small dosage, after all the chemical is naturally produced in the body. But it is very important that you check the source of where you are getting HCG from so that you do not choose a product with anything in it to cause harm to your body.

With that being said I would encourage you to try a small dosage if at all, but the most important factor here is with your diet, which will influence your body the most. At times it is always best to let your body do what it does naturally, remember HCG is not approved by the FDA, so if you do decide to use it, keep this in mind. Now for losing weight looking at the HCG diet, which can be a great alternative for those who would not like to take the HCG, you can also follow just the diet. You will achieve very similar results; just know that HCG could help with cravings. Be very careful with your dosage amount.

The body is an amazing work of art that is designed to keep you alive for a very long time. That is why it does survive many of the abuses that are laid upon it, as well as recover from them. But it is up to you to make the decisions that will lead you to better health. Ask yourself, "Will me trying to lose weight hurt my health?" If not, then that should be a decision that you should make. If so, then you may want to find a method that you truly feel will bring you closer to good health and a healthy looking body. Don't worry too much about extra chemicals and things. These are here to help, but you will have plenty of routes to take when making the decision that you would like to lose weight.

Calorie intake:
Restricting your calorie intake is the most common route to take, and is definitely doable. Make sure that you are listening to your body very well and taking note of any familiar and unfamiliar feelings. This is the best way to find out if your diet and HCG is for you. Other ways of taking HCG include drops, pellets, and even injections. The injections might be for the more extreme dieters, and many of you would not like to do the injection. Remember that your diet is key to improving not just your weight, but also your health.

HCG is mainly used to treat infertility issues. Side effects may occur but this is also true with any diet. That is why it is important to take care of your body and listen to it. HCG isn't exactly approved to be used for weight loss, but it is approved to be used for infertility. However according to some websites it is claimed as recklessness that is if it was to be used inappropriately. But what you should surely do is check out the HCG diet, where you can learn the proper protocol for the HCG diet to follow so that you can have a clear instruction for your weight loss diet. However, the decision to actually take HCG drops, pellets, or injections is completely up to you. However, I suggest that you do what is most beneficial to your body.

Factors For Losing Weight:
The ways that many meals are being used to cut down weight are those of low calorie intake. These can be difficult to maintain, but definitely doable. You can actually put back on weight that you have lost if you continue back to your old eating habits. Weight loss can result in a lifestyle change for you. Many times you can still enjoy the foods that you love; it may just be a matter of how much of these foods you eat and how often you eat them. So the answer when it comes to HCG is most likely something you would like to stay away from. The diet, however, there is nothing wrong with it in and of itself. It just needs thorough and careful practice by you. This does not necessarily mean that you should be taking HCG, as it is advised against by some doctors (for weight loss). However there are several factors of losing weight and getting fit. But these factors influence your hormones a lot and prevent you from weight loss. So care should be taken so that you lose extra pounds.

Now for the benefits of HCG and weight loss according to a different source. The benefit here is that its use was traced back to the 1950's by a British doctor, who found out that by giving obese patients doses of hCG, there were clumps of fat that were loosened up in their bodies. It only works, however, when the patient is also starving their appetite. So here you see that HCG is not the main ingredient in your weight loss pursuit, but only a tool to help you. So you can see that the benefits of it are to help you control your appetite, and remember that it is at a certain risk to you, which has been mentioned previously. Take a look at some Best HCG brands and research more information about them to make a proper decision.

Take proper care with handling HCG, as not all things are FDA approved and could be good for you, but without professional advisory, you should experiment with these products with the utmost care. Don't forget that there are other options, and the diet alternative seems like it may be the safest route for those unsure or afraid of the possible affects that taking HCG could have. To know more about health related preventive steps here is the solution: As long you practice these procedures safely in your dieting you will be okay. However, I would like to express to you my sincere concern about this product that is offered to you in exchange for weight loss. It can be a great tool in your arsenal, but try not to over-do it or make it your primary source for weight loss.

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