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Moving into a new house in Australia is perhaps a feeling as exciting as getting married or having a baby. There is so much you need to find out about the new house – and it gets you pumped up for the actual move. The thing is, in their excitement to move into the new house quickly, sometimes people forget to get the building inspections done. This ultimately leads to them having to deal with repairs of the elements that weren’t found in satisfactory or working conditions. So, if you are moving soon and have selected a property, you would be thrilled to know that with an absolute building inspection, it results in savings. Here is what a full building inspection in Perth covers.

Integrity of utility services

You don’t want to move into your new house to find out that the plumbing is improper and that there are leaks in places. Worse, you will have to spend thousands of dollars to have it all fixed. Full building inspections cover plumbing, electrical wiring, gas pipelines of the main structure as well as of any other structures on the premises, like an outhouse. The best inspection agencies send seasoned professionals who can tell at a glance if something is wrong in wiring or plumbing.

Integrity of structure

Full building inspections mark this as the most important inspection of all – structural integrity. They make sure that the ceiling won’t fall on your head in the dead of the night. The last thing you want to be spending on is rebuilding the house you just bought. Assessing soundness of structure includes checking the condition of foundation, load bearing columns and beams, integrity of slabs in the structure, etc. Basically, it is done to make sure that the structure still has enough life left in it to house at least one of your future generations.


Assessment of damages in a structure is done to list out the repairs that need to be done before transferring the ownership of a property. Damages like cracks in the wall, seepage, water damage, rotting furnishings, damaged floorboards, etc. are taken into account while the assessment is in progress. You don’t want to be paying a repairs contractor for something that should have been handled by the seller.

Termite and pest infestations

Even if your selected house passes with flying colours in all other inspections, if there is termite growing somewhere in the house, it will come crumbling down sooner or later. This inspection is necessary to ensure that all forms of mold, mildew, pests and termites are removed before you move in. Ask the seller to get the house treated before you move in.

Each type of building inspection results in savings – in repair, rebuilding, service improvement and termite treatments. Get a building inspection done, or have it included in the sales contract.

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