7 qualities of a good certified financial advisor

Posted by Ayesha Jaiswal on December 18th, 2017

When it comes to financial management, investors only prefer a certified and professional financial advisor they can trust easily. Selecting a certified financial advisor is a must as they offer everything a person needs to improve his income. They are ethical and have all the competent qualities to manage 'hard-earned' money professionally. If a person investing in share market then it is must to hire a Sebi registered advisor as they prepare stock tips and market calls recommendations with the help of proficient research team. They have a well educated and experienced research team.

Following are the top qualities of a certified financial advisor

1. A good reputation in society – If you are getting a strong referral of an investment advisor from your family or friend that means that advisor has a good reputation publically. We all know that a company gets fame or they can survive for a long time only if they are actually providing right services or product. Choose an advisor that has a strong position in society.

2. A supportive team – The best advisor should have a range of experts that can meet your financial objectives. A team approach will ensure that you get the professional advice you require to meet any specialized investment, wealth management, insurance or debt management objectives.

3. Fair treatment - Following the code of ethics should be their main quality. No faulty information can be communicated to the investors regarding costs and compensations, neither any kind of information should be concealed in terms of particular risks associated with market recommendations which are made during the financial planning methods.

4.Professionalism - A certified professional fulfils all the applicable regulatory requirements that govern the services being provided to the client, and treats the client fairly by providing financial services with high integrity and objectivity. A certified planners provide advice only in the areas where they have a licence.

5. Responsive - A quality financial planner very well understands how to manage and maintain a healthy relationship with a client in the best way and how to be responsive to their needs. An certified professional is well capable to establish a bond that allows open communication, which is an important step in the beginning of the financial planning process.

6. Confidentiality – To manage investor's portfolio, a financial planner required complete information in terms of personal and financial information so managing security is a key consideration for dealing with financial planners. A certified advisor has to take important steps to protect and secure the information both physically and electronically.

7. Trustworthy – Establishing trust between clients and advisor is essential. It also develops a difference among service provider and service receiver both. It required proper communication and understanding between client and a financial advisor.

A reputed and certified advisor is beneficial for the investor's profit. They got a certificate after all the necessary analysis by Sebi. Tips provided by them are genuine and profitable whether they are giving stock trading tips, forex tips or binary option trading tips. They always offer best in class services to the clients.

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