Ensure tensile strength and compressive strength of materials with Universal Tes

Posted by Testone on December 19th, 2017

Testone, the professional material testing machine manufacturer in South Korea, offers wide range of universal testing machine for checking tensile strength and compressive strength of materials.

Universal Testing Machine

It is a test equipment for physical properties Measuring Load, Strength, Elongation etc. With a high-performance LCD indicator that has the position control function, this machine was designed as a high-resolution (1/50000), and it is possible to control distance to 0.01mm.

Model: TO-101/TO-102 Feature

All TESTONE series load frames are designed to provide higher stiffness and precise alignment for testing everything from medical devices to high-strength composites. Rigid mechanical design ensures the best possible conditions for repeatable test condition and reliable results.

Superior stiffness

The stiff load-frame profile and generous connecting surface of the test machines reduce the inclination angle of the crosshead under load, enabling very precise alignment and application of force to the specimen. This is advantageous for flexure tests, compression tests, precision test on components etc.

Easy accessibility

Easier access to the test area is a very important benefit for the operator. When testing large metal specimens, fasteners, or composite parts, operators often struggle to reach the test area of large frames in order to load a specimen. Testone frames are designed with a lower base height that allow the operator to stand closer to the grips and fixtures, reducing the need to hold heavy test specimens away from the body.

Built for diversity

With an environmental chamber, materials tests in constant temperature and humidity, low or high temperature are possible.

Variety of grips

Systems can be equipped with a variety of grips, fixtures, environmental chambers and temperature controlled baths to accommodate a wide range of testing requirements. For more accurate strain measurements, extensometers or accessory can be added to any TESTONE testing System.

  • Digital Display of force, displacement, cell capacity, speed, position, mode, unit etc.
  • High-speed, low vibration & noise, Japanese made AC servo motor and Real time graphic display with multiple axis selection, auto scaling etc.
  • Manual control of crosshead with all functions.
  • Fully digital testing system with high precision control and accuracy, includes automated computer control of test methods.
  • Crosshead guidance system providing precise alignment and smooth running.
  • All testing systems include choice of load cell
  • Self-diagnostics expedite troubleshooting and minimize downtime.

If you are looking out for material testing instruments manufacturer? Contact TESTONE, the leading plastic testing instruments manufacturer, delivers several universal testing machine, test chamber, testing machine for metal, rubber, film/plastic, textile, paint/pigments, and so on. For more details mail to testone@testone.co.kr

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