Maintenance of Your Water Heater

Posted by Tmontplumbing on December 19th, 2017

You can also measure the resistance at the terminals of the heater. No resistance - it means you have to change the heating element.

(Thermostat) A thermostat can also go out of operation - in this case; the heater will not turn on even if there is voltage. To check the operation of the thermostat, it must be removed. After you have removed the thermostat, it is necessary to measure the resistance, and if the device does not react at all, then it is defective or requires professional water heater Repair NJ.

(Leakage) Another reason for the malfunctioning operation of the storage tank water heater may be leakage of the tank or leakage from under the flange that secures the heater. The cause of the leak may be several, for example, the lack of grounding, which could enhance the corrosion of the metal.

If the tank is damaged, it will be almost impossible for the water heaters to repair themselves, especially at home. Also, to separate the water tank from the body of the water heater is nearly impossible (only some models allow it - while it will have to tinker with the search for a similar tank). It will be easier to buy a new water heater if you find a leak from the flange.

If you know the structure of the water heater and the peculiarities of its operation, it is quite possible that you will not have to do Hot Water Heater Repair NJ with your own hands, because there is no breakdown as such.

Cleaning the water heater

What if your water heater suddenly became:

  • Heating water longer than usual
  • Publish loud sizzling sounds
  • The water coming from the tank acquired a yellowish hue or the smell of hydrogen sulfide
  • And also if it has worked continuously for 1 or 2 years
  • In this case, the device obviously needs cleaning. It is effortless to do this at home, and it is not necessary for the procedure to call Water Heater Repair NJ. Here's what you need to do:
  • To begin with, you need to de-energize the device- it’s better not to start with electricity!
  • Lift the lid on the bottom of the tank and disconnect the wires.
  • Drain all the water from the internal tank - you can do it with a hose. Do not also forget to cut off the cold water supply to the boiler.
  • To remove the heater, you need to unscrew the bolts that are under the tank cover in its lower part. To do this, you may need some physical effort.
  • Remove from the tank heater. If it formed too large growths of rust and scale, this also could be a challenge. Too large build-ups can result from the fact that your water heater is continuously running at full capacity. If you set the temperature of heating no higher than 60 degrees, H will last you longer. Please note that the heater may need to be replaced.
  • Check the condition of the magnesium anode and store it with a new one - you need to replace or change it also.

Then you need to clean the tank - from scaling and debris - and how to rinse it. As follows, dry the boiler before reconnecting it to the mains! Check the grounding and how carefully you have reinforced the parts.


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