The Layout of Slime Dryer

Posted by yoyocrusher on December 21st, 2017

The basic structure and characteristics of the coal combustion chamber of the Ore Milling Equipment : dryer pulverized coal combustion chamber has a simple structure, fast burning, high thermal efficiency, flue gas temperature is high and reliable operation. The use of this dryer combustion chamber must be pulverized coal preparation. In the past, we generally adopts dryer or grinding to prepare coal dust, there is the complexity of the system, more investment and higher power consumption, therotary kilncement plantuses it little. In recent years, a variety of small coal machinery increases.

Pulverized coal stays longer time in the high temperature zone of pulverized coal burner, thus it has high combustion efficiency, flue direct emission has no black smoke. 2. When dryer pulverized coal, burner heating temperature rises in short time, high thermal efficiency, low coal requirements for a wide range of coals, high economic efficiency;

3. The ignition of coal burner is easy, fast heating, efficiency is greatly improved;

4. Dryer burner air supply and coal input can change according to needs, and we can adjust furnace temperature and flame length to meet the actual needs;The process performance of slime dryer :

1. Original buffer feeding equipment completely solves the initial discharge, uneven feed, instantaneous large materials and the quantity.

2. The fourth generation of non-powered propeller not only an effectively solves the feeding problem of slime dryer, but also effectively relieve uneven materials and further caused material blockage.

3. The design of the internal structure has a unique delay means to prolong the residence time of the material in the dryer, improving the drying effect of slime.

4. All support roller and stop supporting wheel adopts aligning structure.

5. Dryer drum speed is adjustable to accommodate uneven dry feeding.

6. The discharge device of slime dryer drying system uses the latest patented technology.

7. The precipitator of special materials completely solves the corrosion, abrasion and low collection efficiency, service life is up to 10 years or more.

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