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3 Valuable Packing Tips You?ve Got to Follow While Packing Fragile Items

Posted by RonWilliam on December 21st, 2017

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to relocations, one of the biggest worries for most homeowners is regarding packing fragile items. Needless to say, if proper safety measures aren’t undertaken, fragile items like antique furniture, glassware, chinaware, lamps, artwork, mirrors can easily get damaged while moving. Contrary to perception, using bubble wraps isn’t enough to protect your fragile items.

Now, if you are hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast and entrusting them with the packing, it’s all well and good. But what if for some reason you think that you can pack your fragile items without any help? Do you know how to proceed?

Probably the biggest mistake people make is assuming that they can treat fragile items as they do with other items. This is because special care needs to be taken while packing breakables which are unlike any other items. The key here is to pack as professionals do, and this is where most people go wrong.

To avoid any inconvenience, make sure that you are following these steps while packing:-

Decide which fragile items you are going to take and which to leave behind

Sure, deciding how to pack your breakables well beforehand is always recommended, you prior to that, you need to know whether you will be taking all your fragile items to your new house or not. Needless to say, there will be a lot of these items in your house which you won't be necessarily using in your new house, and it is better just to get rid of them than to let them take up valuable remaining space and higher transportation costs

Make separate lists of all your fragile items and then decide which the ones you want to leave behind are.   

Use pillows to pack fragile items

If you have an expensive antique and even the slightest of impacts can break it, make sure that you place a blanket in the box, put the fragile item on top of the blanket, wrap it around and then place a pillow on top before sealing the box. Even if the box is subjected to any impacts, it won’t damage your item in any way.

Check the packing the boxes

Since these boxes will be responsible for protecting your valuables, it’s incredibly important to ensure that the boxes are in good condition. Just because they look good doesn’t mean they are which is why you need to check beforehand. Looking for structural and water damage is one of the first things that you should do.

Make sure you don’t forget to seal the bottom and sides of the box with tape. Also, don’t just place the items over the box without creating a shock-absorbent layer. You can do that by using blankets or newspapers.

So these are some of the many things which you should keep in mind while packing fragile items. Just make sure that you don’t move things in haste. Otherwise, you could easily end up damaging your valuables. If you can, always make sure that you are hiring professional removalists in Tweed Heads. This way, you will at least have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are in the right hands.

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