3 simultaneous orgasms. How to achieve it.

Posted by michel on December 21st, 2017

We have read a lot of articles about the different types of orgasms and the way to get them, but now the TRIGASMO appears, three simultaneous orgasms achieved through a technique developed by the sexologist Ava Cadell, ¡Ava! ! A result with three bands that will make us enjoy sensations and indescribable experiences capable of making us scream, cry or laugh out of pure pleasure.

Every woman has the capacity to enjoy orgasm, so do not hesitate to try it, the only thing (nothing more and nothing less) that must be done is to stimulate in an appropriate way the three main erogenous zones, the G-spot, the clitoris and the anus . Anal penetration ?, Ufff, I'm not one of those. Quiet, we only talk about stimulating, so you will only need to be caressed or caressed with your fingers, with a small vibrator or with a stimulating pen, the "entrance" area. The idea is to create more sexual stimulation.

You like? We keep counting

We can define trigasm as a synchronized super-orgasm that arises from the simultaneous and correct stimulation of three main female erogenous zones:

- Clitoris Female sexual organ whose only mission is to provide pleasure. Of course, you have to treat it with love because it is extremely sensitive. Stimulate the clitoris, is to ensure the orgasm.

- Point G. It is an erogenous zone that presents some difficulty in its location and stimulation. The best way to act, is placing the fingers up and hooked, caressing the area near the entrance of the vagina. Many women enjoy these powerful orgasms, others still seek it.

- Year. We already know that stimulating this area means breaking some taboos. But quiet, as we said, penetration is not necessary, but if you want you can also do.

Okay, I encourage myself, now as I start.

Our admired Ava, proposes three techniques or postures that allow to act on these three erogenous zones to get the trigasm.

1.- Oral Sex. Perhaps the best technique for the access it allows. With the tongue, you stimulate the clitoris, with the fingers G Point and with the fingers of the other hand, the anus.

2.- Posture of the Puppy. Something more complex since the boy must have the practice to stimulate the G-spot during the penetration. With one hand, the boy stimulates the girl's anus, while stimulating her clitoris.

3.- The girl rides on top. She will be placed on top, leaning forward, so that the penetration manages to directly contact the clitoris and the G-spot. The boy will stimulate the anal area as we have explained before.

That's great, but what if I do not have a partner?

The trigasm, is designed for women, and can be lived intensely although you will need some help with vibrators such as rabbits rabbits, which will stimulate through their vibrations the clitoris and the G-spot. With the free hand, stimulates the year.

Surely, there will be few couples and women, who can attend Ava Cadell and trigásmo classes. That does not mean that we can not try it at home and train until we get to experience this incredible experience. Maybe we will never achieve, either alone or with our partner, to reach this type of orgasm in three bands, but do not get frustrated sexually, the important thing is to try new things without pretenses, have fun, discover different sensations, create greater complicity with our partner and live sex with fullness and naturalness. You already know while we try the techniques of trigasm, we enjoy sex.

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