Care Is Required For Choosing Both Local And Long Distance Moving Services NJ

Posted by Van Express Moving on December 22nd, 2017

Moving across the state is very different from moving within it or within the same city. A local moving company may not be the right choice to move long distance as there may be several legal and other matters to take care of. Moreover, a specific moving company may have the license to move within the state or city and may not have the authorization to move all over the country. Therefore, choosing a company for a long distance move needs more care and concern as it is more complex than choosing a local mover. Start with checking the license of the company and its validity. It must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) so that it can move household belongings across states borders. Moreover, such a licensed mover will display the Department of Transportation or DOT number in all its advertising to indicate it is authorized to move out of the state.

Check Through Authoritative And Non-Authoritative Channels

As you will move long distance you should spare more time in checking the authenticity and authorization of the moving company. A company may offer both local and long distance moving services NJ but for that it should have proper authorization. They will have proper and valid insurance that has enough coverage to meet with damages. You should check all these from both authoritative as well as non-authoritative channels. The authoritative channels include the Better Business Bureau from where you can check for information about the moving company that this non-profit agency may have collected. Apart from that, check with the FMCSA website to find out whether or not there has been any safety violations by the company. For this purpose you will have to use the DOT number of the company. As for the non-authoritative channels you can take help of the different social media websites as well as the moving services listing providing reviews of movers.

Take A Look At The Company Specifics

It is also required to study the specifics of the company that includes the estimate provided by it.  Check all the inclusions and ask for the exclusions to avoid any unwanted surprises that are usually associated with inexperienced and scam packers and movers NJ. Though the basic service can vary from mover to mover, you can look at the company’s policy on consolidation and whether or not they subcontract its services to other movers. Also ask about the level of training and experience of the workers along with how many men will be designated for your service. Remember, everything should be properly planned considering the location you want to move into, the weather condition and much more as all of these will affect the cost of moving.

Consider A Non-Traditional Company

Sometimes it pays when you choose a non-traditional local and long distance moving services NJ thinking out of the box moving methods. There are different other options than just relying and hiring a moving company with a moving truck and packaging materials. Often such out of the box thought can prove to be more cost effective and fruitful. You can opt for a moving container company for that matter. These moving container companies will allow you to pack your belongings at your own pace. They will offer storage facility in between homes and will also charge you based on the number of containers or boxes that you use in the moving process. They do not charge by the weight of your belongings in each container and this assures a greater cost certainty than choosing any other option. Therefore, choosing such a service you will have the chance to save some money as well in your moving venture.

Benefits To Consider Mobile Storage

There are some benefits in choosing a mobile storage for long distance moving purpose.  Sometimes it may happen that the move-in dates do not line up especially when you are still looking for a perfect home in the new city. In such cases renting a portable storage unit is useful as you will not have to worry about your belongings while you search for a new home staying in some temporary place after your long distance move. These mobile storage containers are extremely secure and you can get it picked and delivered according to your convenient schedule. For enjoying such benefits you simply have to make sure that you choose a company that will combine their long distance moving service with the temporary storage service to make your long distance relocation smooth and easy. 

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