How to Plant a Dollar Tree for Salvador Mourra and Watch Your Money Grow

Posted by ashishdynamite5 on December 22nd, 2017

You start out by finding a a spot on the ground where to dirt is loose and rich in minerals.  If the ground is too hard then it will not take.  If you dig up worms then thats better because it indicates the ground is fertile.  You dig a 9 inch deep hole that is approximately 9 inches wide.  After you are done digging you break up the ground that you dug up and then place a one dollar bill flat on the ground with the face facing up.  You sprinkle the broken up ground back to fill the hole.  You then place a cut of water over the spot.
For two weeks straight you place 1 cup of water over the spot unless it is raining and in that case just let the rain provide the water.  You do not want to over water the dollar.  If the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit then you will need to place a heat lamp over the spot to keep it over 60 degrees, but do not place it so close that the spot is over 200 degrees unless you plan on cooking.  After 14 days you can go out and see the results of your labor.  Dig up 8 inches at the spot where you buried the dollar and 9 inches wide.  Do not dig more then 8 inches or you may damage the crop.  Then with your hand dig an additional inch and if you are lucky you will still have a usable dollar.  Learn your lessons, dollars don't grow on trees, now 100 dollar bills is another story.
It can be expensive to grow a 100, so why not try a brand new 5.  This is simple, no hard work required.  You start by getting a 8 to 12 inch tall clean glass and setting it on the side.  Then you get a cooking pot and fill with 1 quart of water from the faucet.  You place in the stove at medium temperature and bring to a slight boil.  Then you put in a pack of green gelatin, and stir for about a minute.
You will let this cool down to where you are able to touch the water without it burning.  At that point you pout into the 8 to 12 inch glass and fill to about an inch from the top. You wait about 10 to 20 minutes and then you slowly place the new 5 in the middle of the glass being careful not to touch the sides.  If the 5 moves too much to one side or the other then find something to hold it in place like tweezers or 2 tooth picks might work better.  This is the hardest part.  You will have to wait into the gelatin starts to harden.  If the 5 goes to one side or the other it will not work.  You will let this harden into gelatin before letting go of the 5.
You will need to repeat this 4 times.  So you will need to fill up another pot with water with 1 quart, and so forth.  This will not work as well if you boil 5 quarts of water with 5 packs of gelatin.  You only have 2 hands and have to be precise.  You will end up with 5 glasses of 5's.  Now you will put them together to form a small circle.  You will wrap some scotch tape along the bottom of all the glasses to hold them in this circle.  Then you will do the same at the top of the glasses.  Make sure yo use strong tape.  You should now be able to lift all 5 glasses easily as a whole.  
Place this in your living room table, and watch your money grow!  Bring plenty of guest too see your living room and the money tree.  Wait a week and you will be surprised at the progress from this tree.
Oh, wait, I left one crucial thing out, you need to place a small dish next to the tree so it can be fed.  Like any other tree it will need nature to help it grow.  You will also need a pen and piece of paper.  Write the words Donate and tape to the small dish.  Now bring plenty of guests and people to see your tree and watch it blossom.  Who said money doesn't grow on trees?


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