Five Things You Didn?t Know About Indian Foods

Posted by twofatindians on December 22nd, 2017

Indian food is often misinterpreted and generalized without actually knowing the truth about the variety of cuisines available. India being a large country with a variety of cultures and states interwoven together has affected a lot of things in many interesting ways. Food is one such example in which you will find such variety in India which can be found nowhere.

Obviously, a number of myths and misconceptions has been created over the ages due to the complexity of the Indian culture. Some of the most important facts which you didn’t know about Indian food will be discussed over here.

Read on to know the things you didn’t know about Indian Food

  • All Indian foods are definitely not spicy

It is a common belief that all Indian foods are invariably spicy. This isn’t true. India is a huge country is spread over a wide area of landforms. A very important scientific and logical factor which decides any region’s food habits is the landform and the geographical features along with the climatic conditions.

Many Indian foods are spicy but those foods only belong to areas where there are extremes of climatic conditions. The spicy food helps the body to maintain balance and well being to deal with the vagaries of nature.

Usually, North Indian foods are spicier as those areas are far from the sea thus having extreme hot dry summers and very cold winters. Even some central parts of India indulge in spicy foods. But most of the other areas usually have foods which are moderately spicy. Indian foods use a variety of spices which render different tastes to the foods. Addition of hot spices and more of oil make the foods spicy and oily which is a matter of choice and can be avoided.

  • Indian foods aren’t unhealthy

Many people think that Indian foods are unhealthy as these are high in fat content, oily and spicy. It’s not true again. A number of Indian delicacies may require more of oil content and fat but this is a common fact in almost every country.

Most Indian foods are not unhealthy or oily. Indian culture goes back to thousands of years and the culture being very strong and scientific then most Indian foods have evolved over time in a very healthy manner. The combination of spices and other ingredients balance the taste and health factor thus making Indian foods healthy in many ways.

  • Most Indian foods are easy to cook

Indian foods are thought to be complicated and difficult to cook. Again, it must be mentioned that like any other country some Indian cuisines may take time and effort to be cooked but it’s not true for most of the food. The daily Indian meals are ones that can be cooked easily with taste as well as keeping the health factor intact.

  • It’s not right to call Indian foods as “Curry”

Often Indian foods are generalized as curry but it’s a wrong concept as curry is just a part of the whole variety of foods.

  • Large variety of diverse Indian foods

Due to the diverse culture in India, the foods have also evolved with a lot of variety and diversity thus making a plethora of Indian cuisines available.

We hope that this article would have cleared all your doubts. To explore the rich taste of India, don’t forget to visit 2 fat Indians in Perth!

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